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Daycare Clean Up Simple Tricks

Daycare Clean Up Simple Tricks

Daycare Clean Up Simple Tricks

Daycare Clean Up Simple Tricks

Daycare clean up is need to be teach to children since early age. It is simply because it will automatically will be their habit in the future. Of course, daycare children will need to learn to clean in a fun way. If possible, make it looks like a game or fun time so that children will be doing it without hesitate. To make it successfully being done as a routine then you can start to follow the following simple tricks:

Daycare clean up simple tricks plan

First of all, you will need to set a plan. Carefully plan is needed to make sure that all daycare children will be love to participate without being pushed in the clean up routine activity. As long as you can set a great plan then all the mess will not be your daily routine anymore.

Set task delegation

To make it simple for children to understand, you better divide your daycare into several areas. Ask certain children as a captain for each area. Set a different children in each week to teach each of them about task and responsibility.

Make some interesting visual aid

Create an interesting visual sign around your daycare. It will encourage children to do as told by the visual aid. Put an image of children to attract them more. If they forget about clean up routine then you can simply point at the visual sign to remind them.

Daycare clean up simple tricks plan through fun and game activity

Create a clean up fun song

Create a fun song about cleaning up routine will be helpful for you to remind children about cleaning up time. Tell children that anytime they hear the song then it is the reminder of cleaning up time. Let them know that they should start to clean up as soon as the song start and finish the cleaning as the song end. It will be fun activity and helpful for you to teach daycare children clean up their messy after playing time.

Make a clean up ‘beat the time’ game

Set a particular time for example 5 minutes  and let them clean up during the time. The children that fully succeed to clean up before 5 minute end may get some reward such as extra time to play etc.

Simon says game

Daycare Clean Up Simple TricksDaycare children love to play Simon says. According to this fact, you can use it to help you to manage the children and teach them about the importance of cleaning habit as routine. Just simply give them specific order such as “Simon says put all the toys back into the container”. After the task completed, you can start to take children into the next fun activity such as telling story or music time.

Give praise

Children will love to get praise especially when they already finish to do their job. To make them feel more happy, simply says some praise such as “ I love the way you put all your toys neatly in the container after playing it”.

They key success of each learning in daycare is consistency. When you are consistent to teach something then children will simply follow it. Do not give up easily when you feel that you are fail to do something. Change your method and approach. Be sure to remember that children love fun and games and it will makes you easier to find ways to teach daycare clean up.

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