Daycare Christmas Party Activity for Fun |

Daycare Christmas Party Activity for Fun

Daycare Christmas Party Activity for Fun

Daycare Christmas Party Activity for Fun

Daycare Christmas party activity can be created from simple idea. The main point is always making it fun for children so that they can have wonderful time with their friends through daycare activity. December should be fun time since it is the season when Christmas is coming. Just try to take a break from usual activity and do something different.

Running out an idea to have fun during Christmas season for daycare children? Find out some ideas here!

Do some decorating activity on Christmas cookies

You can simply make sugar cookies before party get started. Prepare some frosting, sprinkles and small candies. Let daycare children have fun in decorating the cookies based on their own creativity.

Searching the gingerbread

Christmas usually identical with gingerbread men so it is a good idea to have fun with children with it. Make copies of gingerbread sheets. Make three different copies. One of the copies will be gingerbread boys. The others will be gingerbread girls and gingerbread men with Santa hat. Use scotch tape to hide the gingerbread.

However, make sure that the gingerbread will be placed in some places that can be easily seen by children. You can place it on the back of the chairs, behind the doors, behind the book and etc. to make it more challenging, you can set the timer before children go for the hunt. Gingerbread boy or girl will count as one point while the one with Santa hat will get two points. The children who successfully collect more gingerbread will become the winner.

Contest on building snowman

This type of contest is perfect for those who live in a snowy area. Playing with snow is absolutely lovely activity for daycare children. First of all, make sure that all the children who participate will wear winter gear. After that, provide each of the contestants with snowman things such as hat, scarf, two stick for the arms, material for the eye and mouth. The last thing that should not be forgotten is carrot for the nose. The winner is the team that can complete the snowman challenge with fastest time.

Daycare Christmas Party Activity for FunDecorating the tree

Christmas tree is a must during Christmas season. To make sure that every child in your daycare can participate then you better replace the real pine tree with green card stock paper. Put the newspaper over the table completed with glue, craft sequin, button, glitter, tiny pom pom and etc.

Drawing Christmas mural

Choose the wall that have high at least three feet from the floor. Put a large sheet of paper to cover one wall and secured it with tape. Provide washable markers and crayons to the daycare children and let them draw the Christmas scene. It can be much more fun and useful to boost children creativity since they can express every idea that crossed on their mind freely.

If wall is hard enough to provide then you can replace it with a table. Cover up a table with plain white tablecloth that secured to the table. Put some crayons on the table and let children create their Christmas tablecloth. Simply choose one activity above to be your chosen daycare Christmas party activity.