Daycare Breakfast Fruit and Vegetable Muffin

Daycare Breakfast Fruit and Vegetable Muffin

Daycare Breakfast Fruit and Vegetable MuffinDaycare breakfast for children should not only has great taste but also healthy as well. Unluckily we cannot deny the fact that children less interested in eating fruit and vegetable. It seems that it becomes kids nature to be picky eater. However, there is always solution for every problem in this world, The only matter is trying to figure out the way to overcome it. In fact, fruit and vegetable contain important nutrient that needed by them. Based on this fact, daycare provider need to be more creative to create healthy and delicious breakfast for children developmental intake.

Daycare breakfast ingredient

1 medium zucchini

½ cup of steamed broccoli

1 ½ carrots

1 medium sized of banana

¾ an apple

A homemade applesauce

Apple juice / prune juice





Daycare Breakfast Fruit and Vegetable MuffinDaycare breakfast processing method

Put all of the ingredient that consist of fruit and vegetable except carrot into food processor

Add the apple juice or prune juice to combine everything in a well blended mixture.

For the carrots, simply shredded it and not puree because it will look so good in a muffin.

Do not forget to also add the sugar, eggs and butter. Mix it well.

I love plain yoghurt since it has low level of fat. However, you can use any type of yoghurt that you like. Flavored one is also okay since the taste will makes daycare children love it.

Scoop the mixture into muffin tins. For the scoop, you may use the cookie scoop.

Baking cups can be your perfect choice if you want to freeze it later.

Daycare breakfast advise cooking process

Simply make a mini sized muffin to make sure that it will completely well cooked.

When the muffin become sticky to the liners, use parchment liners or simply spray the liners.

From the ingredient above, you will get around 36 serves package of mini fruit and vegetable muffin. It can be used as great breakfast menu to start the day and support their learning process during the day. Just by spending 15 minutes, you will already finished to prepare delicious and healthy daycare breakfast.