Daycare Breakfast, Easy and Healthy Wrap |

Daycare Breakfast, Easy and Healthy Wrap

Daycare Breakfast, Easy and Healthy Wrap

Daycare Breakfast, Easy and Healthy Wrap

Daycare Breakfast, Easy and Healthy WrapDaycare breakfast

preparation is surely need to be main concern of daycare provider since it is the first nutrient consumption for children to start their day. However, provider usually demand to serve a healthy but also not a consuming time breakfast. That is why most of you may think that sandwich is the right choice. However, children easily getting bored. To avoid the boredom, you need to find out the alternatives breakfast that is not only quick to prepare but also healthy enough.

The best part of making simple wrap for daycare breakfast is that children can be participated in it. Simply use familiar ingredient and flavors that children like then you can create your own tasty and healthy wrap. You may also add various fruit and vegetable to provide sufficient intake for children health. Just be sure that you tortilla can wrap tightly the fillings inside. Prepare the breakfast together and have fun in the same ways.

Daycare Breakfast Fruit Wrap

Apple and cheddar wrap

Simply shred the apple and cheddar. Do not forget to put the ingredient under the broiler around 1 minute until the cheese completely melted. Wrap it with tortilla wrap.

Sweet fruit wrap

Whisk cream cheese with pineapple juice. Do not forget to add some honey and then spread the ingredient on the tortilla.  To make it nicer and healthier, add several children favorite fruit such as raspberries, pineapple and blueberries.

Avocado wrap

Avocado is a fruit that rich of healthy fat. Simply mash the avocado and sprinkle it with nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is a kind of deactivated yeast that becoming source of B vitamin. Usually it will be used by vegan lover as flavoring. It brings cheesy sensation that perfectly matched with mashed avocado.

Strawberry and almond butter wrap

Prepare the tortilla, spread almond butter and add some cut of strawberries. You are finish in a minute and it is surely a tasty and healthy breakfast to choose.

Daycare Breakfast Vegetable Wrap

Beans and rice wrap

Add the guacamole, cooked rice, black bean and some shredded cheese.

Crispy veggie and cream cheese wrap

What makes daycare children love this wrap and forget about their picy eater habit on vegetable is the crispy vegetable ingredient. You can use cucumber, carrots, red peppers and baby spinach. Spread the cream cheese on it and wrap the tortilla.

Daycare Breakfast Healthy Nutrient Wrap

Daycare Breakfast, Easy and Healthy WrapChicken wrap

Children loves chicken, it is undeniable thing. Prepare the tortilla, spread the cream cheese and put cubed size chicken, matchstick carrots and shredded cheese.

Egg wrap

Saute the onion and red pepper with your favorite vegetable. Scramble the egg with it and sprinkle the cheese on it is perfect for healthy daycare breakfast.