Daycare Bathroom Supplies Decoration for Preschooler

Daycare Bathroom Supplies Decoration for PreschoolerProviding a complete daycare bathroom supplies is not enough if we can not make the children under our daycare supervision feel enjoy to use it.  We all know that bathroom is a kind of places where most of children will use it every day. If we have older children then we may have no problem at all since they can use the bath supplies independently with particularly not much problem. The problem usually arise when the children under our supervision still in preschooler age. They are in the age to encourage themselves to use the bathroom. This is where we have to find clever way to make the daycare bathroom supplies become interesting for them. We have to create bathroom supplies as attractive as we can so that they feel as if they are in the playground inside the bathroom.

The first thing that we can try to make a perfect decoration for our daycare bathroom supplies is playing with the color scheme. Most of us may think that decoration is about how to make our daycare especially the education and playground are become interesting for children. That is why most of daycare bathroom supplies only have plain white. However, the toilet also need to be consider since it is also used in daily basis for our preschooler. Clean bathroom is not the only one to make them feel enjoy and fun while using it. Children loves to play and attractive color. Just try to put interesting color in our daycare bathroom supplies. Use many brighter color to avoid any boredom. Yellow or orange will be perfectly matched as decoration color. Painting is a cheaper way to decorate our bathroom. Beside that, it is also make our bathroom seems larger.

Many of us may still confuse to decide what kind of decoration that will be perfectly decorate our bathroom. An easy way to make our guidance is setting a theme for our decoration. We can try some popular decoration theme for our daycare bathroom supplies like sea, natural scenery, sailing, animal, fisherman and many else. Believe it or not, setting particular theme will help us to do the decoration process. By looking at the basic theme, we can continue to paint our daycare bathroom supplies like bathroom wall with mural or images that suitable with the theme.  Firstly, we ca make our design with pencil. After that we can fulfilled the images design with the proper paint color. Beside the wall, we also can do the decoration to other daycare supplies like the soap. There are many kind of funny soap shape that will be automatically adding the decoration of our bathroom.

Another thing that may add the cozy feeling of our preschooler when using the bathroom is by providing the attractive bath cap and child size toilet. This type of daycare bathroom supplies will make children be more easier and attracted to use the toilet by themselves. If we choose adult size daycare supplies like adult toilet then we may get difficulties since it is out of the children reach.  Daycare bathroom supplies like child size toilet will reduce children worries and scare feeling because of its size. Having new supplies like adult size toilet will make them scare even for trying because they need to climb it first before using it. The different result will happen if we choose the child sized because it is always have interesting design, easily to reach. Finally, children will be eager to use it by themselves without need our help.

If we already use all of our effort to make our daycare bathroom supplies become more interesting to children then it will only need finishing part. We may put some rubber duck, ship and other interesting toys near the shower trays to being our children companion while using the bathroom. The last touch is adding some decoration like children art project in the wall. We also direct the children with some guidance or direction through colorful sign. For example if we want, we can ask children to involve by making drawing, painting so that we can put it on the bathroom wall. However, it is not easier to provide completely all the daycare bathroom supplies as children need because of the budget limitation. If we have only can provide adult size toilet than we may make children easier by providing another kind of bathroom supplies like sturdy step to make them easier to reach. Do not forget to choose the colorful one. The point is put our dedication into this daycare business so that we are not only provide the needed supplies but also thinking about children safety and feeling about daycare bathroom supplies.