Daycare Bathroom Supplies Cleaning Checklist

Daycare Bathroom Supplies Cleaning ChecklistProviding the proper daycare bathroom supplies is important if we want to run our daycare business smoothly. However, being a daycare provider means responsible to the children welfare including their safety, healthy and fun feeling. Clean bathroom must be one of the most important consideration of parents. Beside that, clean means we are concern with children healthy. Just try to imagine what will happen if the bathroom of our daycare is not clean enough just because we are not well prepare with needed daycare bathroom supplies. Toilet is a place where we are mostly spend our time to assist children to pee or pup.That is why we are really need to prepare for material in the cleaning process. To make sure that we can make it clean then we should provide several important daycare bathroom supplies. The first thing is baking soda. We can our it inside the toilet to make it free from stain. We just need around 2 table spoon of baking soda brush it with brush. Be sure to clean the edges and toilet bowl. This kind of bathroom supplies is not only useful to create a clean bathroom but also a fresh and free from any odor. Automatically, this daycare bathroom supplies will make children feel more comfort when using the bathroom. Clean bathroom and proper daycare bathroom supplies will also bring positive impact toward children health.

The next important daycare bathroom supplies is disinfectant. The disinfectant is important to make the waste basket clean and sanitize. For the application, we will only need a wet cloth with disinfectant to clean the whole waste basket side. Soap and bleach will the next bath supplies to provide. Soap and bleach can be a good combination to clean our daycare bathroom sink. We can start the cleaning process y using 1 table spoon of soapy water and bleach. After that, use this liquid to clean our sink by scrub. Non abrasive scrub is a kind of daycare bathroom supplies that better to use because of its effectiveness.  Clean our sink, faucet and shower trays using a wet cloth. After it, we can use dry cloth to wipe. However, be sure that we use a soft cloth to avoid any scratch to our daycare bathroom supplies furniture. Next important daycare supplies is paper towel and cloth. Most of daycare bathroom equipped with mirror. We can clean the mirror by putting some alcohol in the paper towel. Just be sure that clean it in a smooth movement to make it clean and sparkling.

The next daycare bathroom supplies that need regular cleaning is the bath tub. We can do it by using some baking soda and dish washing liquid. Be sure that our hand is protected by gloves because we need a clean hand to take care of children in our daycare. Sponge  also needed to clean the tub and wall. When we are finish with it, we can spray water to make the dish washing liquid fade away from our bath tub. After that, clean the bath up walls with cloth. Mop is another daycare bathroom supplies that important for supporting sanitizer. It can be use  to clean the floor. We just need to pour some disinfectant into water and wipe the floor with it. Wash the dirty mop and use it again to wipe the floor. Other types of daycare bathroom supplies that also important to provide are toilet paper, bath towels, face towels, hand towels. Toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo, bath cap and others. To make it more attractive for children under our daycare supervision then we can put some rug and mat. Do not forget to also provide toilet brush and waste basket to make sure that every rubbish have proper place. Those ways above will make us having not only clean white daycare bathroom supplies but a healthy and sanitize one.