Daycare Activities, 6 Best Calm Ideas to Try |

Daycare Activities, 6 Best Calm Ideas to Try

Daycare Activities, 6 Best Calm Ideas to Try

Daycare Activities, 6 Best Calm Ideas to Try

Daycare Activities, 6 Best Calm Ideas to Try

Daycare activities can be vary depend on the situation that you want to create. For example, the nap time will be needed to let children rest and relax. However, some children may do not want to take their nap. Preschooler is the age when children has abundant energy. It makes them refuse to take their nap since they keep want to do various activity. If this is the case then you may try the following 6 best calm activity ideas to replace their nap time:

Daycare activities that encourage creativity

Coloring time

Preschooler will love coloring activity. What you need to do is just preparing the crayon, blank paper, coloring book and marker. If you want, you can replace all those stuff with chalkboard and colorful chalk. Even though coloring seem simple but it is really boost daycare children creativity and art sense without being noisy during nap time.

Collage making

During this type of activity, you will need to prepare some thing such as glue stick and construction paper. Toddler will love to spend their time by making their own imagination  of collage design. If possible, provide children with pre cut photo from magazine, tissue paper square, sticker ad etc.

Quiet blocks

This activity is also great to provide time for children to crate something based on their creativity. Give them a new type of block that made from sponge to increase their interest.

Daycare activities to solve problem learning


Daycare Activities, 6 Best Calm Ideas to TryIf you are talking about solve problem learning activity then puzzle will be the one that crossed in mind. Puzzle can teach children to raise their fine motor skill and increase special orientation and visual perception.


Provide various magnet with different sizes and shapes. Do not forget to also provide baking tray or flat metal surface to positioned the magnet. Let them solve your question by choosing the right magnet sizes or types.

Daycare activities to boost music sense

Listening some music

Nap time is perfect for you to let children listen to some soft music. You can choose jazz or a classic one to rest children energy. If possible, let them listen to some audiobook.

Through several type of activity above, children still can have a quality time of learning during the nap without being noisy and disturb the other. What you need to do is just choosing the right daycare activities.