Creative Daycare Activity that will be Love by Children

 Creative Daycare Activity that will be Love by ChildrenCreative daycare activity is needed to make children feel enjoy spending their time in daycare. Besides that, choosing the right activity program will be great for supporting children development. No matter how much daycare supplies that we have, it will be useless if we do not create the right daily activities. In fact, daycare activity does not mean to be a space to have fun but also learning something new and expand their basic skills. Daycare activity that is creatively chosen will boost brain development. We can simply use all of art, craft or other types of daycare supplies to create daycare activity that will kindly support children creativity. One example of creative activity is playing the music and dancing together. Just be sure that we already arrange sufficient space for children to move, spin, jump and even rolling. Let them enjoy this daycare activity by choosing the dress up fabric that they like while dancing together in a circle. This kind of dancing daycare activity can make them relax, healthy, boost brain development and event make them more calm in the rest of the day.

Singing together is another kind daycare activity that will be loved by children. Children will love to spend some time singing along with us or their friend. Just try to find not only popular but simple song since children do not have great memory to remember complicated song. We can even teach them about good behavior while singing together. We can sing the kind of song that contain message of sharing, manner, healthy and cleaning up. Circle time is another fun time to play. Ask children to sit together and play rhythm that involving clapping hand and stomping feet. Be sure that children can get the rhythm and faster it until everybody laugh together. Shaving cream is also can be used as daycare activity material. Spray it out on the table and let them do the creativity process to make some pictures or drawing from it. Ask them to make a letter or number is also possible as a part of their basic skill lesson. However, the purpose of this daycare activity is supporting children so let them spreading their imagination. When children get tired to move, we can turn their attention by tell a story or puppet show. We do not always buy hand puppet if we have limited budget. We can simply make it from old sock and useless fabric. If we want to make it real, we can do the face painting. Paint the children face and involve them into our story. It will be great daycare activity.

Another type of creative daycare activity to maintain children attention while learning in child care is shape or color sorting. We can teach them to recognize various shape. First, provide various toys like plastic or wooden blocks. Put several containers to put similar shape or color. This is the moment when children can have fun while learning at the same time. It will be more fun than push them to take a look at the paper and remembering shape or color. Play dough and build a tower also can be useful and creative daycare activity. Play dough, even though categorize as classic and simple but is good for children hand and finger muscles connection. Indoor parade is also great daycare activity idea. We can simply let children to choose their dress up and outfit. Choose some popular song and set them in a line and let everyone take a walk like in a real parade. After that, we can continue to dance, stomp and clamp together. The last thing to try is outdoor activity. Children also need environment changes. That is why letting them playing outdoor can be a great way for them to relax. Playing with water and sand can be creative daycare activity since children are possible to make various shapes according to their imagination.