Creative Child Care, How to Nurture it Naturally |

Creative Child Care, How to Nurture it Naturally

Creative Child Care, How to Nurture it Naturally

Creative Child Care, How to Nurture it Naturally

Creative child care is not as difficult as it seem. Actually, nurturing creativity to children under our supervision will help them to learn about self-expression. Even children need to express freely without judgment from the adult. It is good for children emotional health. The ability of being creative will enhance the children personality development in the future. Expressing freely here means make an activity and doing on their own. Not only useful for children, child care provider also get easier to learn about children thinking and feeling.

Creativity can boost mental growth since it can provides opportunity to try new ideas, new way of thinking and problem solving. It is also a media to prove that every children is unique. Their diversity will create such an excellence chance to make a personalized teaching that focused on each child. The main point is creating opportunities to creative play and thinking. Start with some activities that suitable with children interest. Learn to listen what children say to find out about their interest.

Creative child care, what is it about exactly

Most of us may associate creativity with painting or drawing. In fact, it is far more than that. There are a lot more creative material and experiences. You can try another field that support children creativity such as music, photography, clay, paper, wood, field trips, play with water, play with shadow and wood. Actually, there are abundant and endless material and ideas to play with children creativity. What they need is just sufficient time to explore material and gaining the ideas.

Creative child care, important element to keep in mind

There will be important element to remind when discussing about creativity for children in child care. That is variety of experience. It means that you need to provide a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic or community experience for children. It is important to make children get to know more about other activities around them such as holiday celebration, field trip and others to enhance the creative process. More experience that children have will create a wider creativity.

Believe it or not, various experience and more personal experience with many kind of people and situation will make children easier to build up creativity. However, it will be caregiver challenge to not overdraw or intimidate children during the art and creative expression in classroom. Children need to make their own decision start from creativity process up to product finishing. Be supportive during the creative process. Let them become independence while keep provide endless support.

Creative child care and its benefit

Creating creative environment inside childcare will provide several benefits. Those are:

  • Supporting the sensory exploration and motor skill development

Creative Child Care, How to Nurture it NaturallyIn the future, it will enhance children ability to do more difficult physical task such as challenge that dealing with balance, shape, measurement, equality and physical properties.

  • Raising children social development

Besides exploring and increase personal development, creatively play will make children understand about social life. Creative play is also great tools to raise children social development. For example, dramatic play will make children understand more about social roles and obtain social skill. By doing this kind of play activity, children will understand how to value others and have wider perspective on each other needs.

  • Best way to relieve stress

Believe it or not, creating creative environment in child care will be helpful to relieve children stress. They also have better ability to manage their feeling. Any pressure that comes up from the need to get the same adult standards during playing is not needed anymore. Automatically, children will be possible to express more and being themselves. They can express their feeling and experience through imagination.

Even Albert Einstein said that ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’. It is simply because imagination is the tool to create possibility. Imagination is the starting point of creativity and any thinking outside the box being created. Children learn about the world through their imagination. Simple activity such as playing with dolls, blocks, boxes, cardboard and play dough can be a great source for children to express themselves both verbally and non-verbally. That is why it is important to create creative child care.