Complete Guidelines for Daycare Preschool Playground part 2 |

Complete Guidelines for Daycare Preschool Playground part 2

Complete Guidelines for Daycare Preschool Playground part 2

Complete Guidelines for Daycare Preschool Playground part 2

The safety protection of daycare preschool playground will not only be provider responsibilities but also parent. There are several aspects that must be considered by parent as follow:

Playground location

The best location is the one that can be directly accessed from daycare classroom. If the playground is not that near then parents will need to walk around and find out any potential risk like the damage on walkway or crack plant. Avoid any playground area that near with open part of water or street. DO not forget to find playground that surround by appropriate fence.

Structure of the playground

The best structure of playground at least has to provide empty zone for free playing that consist of 6 feet area. The height of the structure itself also should not higher than 6 feet. The swing must be two up to three feet apart and the swing zone itself must be twice forming the height of the swing beam. The foundation of the playground needs to be anchored securely. Be sure that the foundation does not have any sharp, large pieces or loose bolt and nut.

Surface material of the playground

The best surface for daycare playground is the soft one. It should be placed under the equipment and six feet extend to all direction. The best depth of the surface should be 12 inches. Another type of best surface material is rubber tiles, loose wood product and sand. Avoid any unsafe material like grass, wood mulch with chemical processing, concrete, asphalt and dirt.

Adult supervision

Daycare playground will need such continuous supervision. It is simply because children will get higher risk to injure outside. Be sure that we always bring phone when supervise children outside the class. Strictly explain the play rules. It does not mean that we have to limited children freedom of playing but always remind children about safety.

Landscape choice

It is not only outside daycare area that needs to be decorating. The playground is also will look better if we can find decorate landscape. Plant some flower or vegetable will make it beautiful. However, be aware whether our planted tree, flower or vegetable is poisonous, has sharp part, attract bees or other hazardous risk.

Playground in a daycare should be the place where children can have fun, develop their skills and stay healthy. The point is choosing the structure and equipment that suitable with children age and avoids any hazardous aspect.

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