Christmas Craft Activity for Daycare Children |

Christmas Craft Activity for Daycare Children

Christmas Craft Activity for Daycare Children

When the cold winter attack, the daycare children often get lack chance to go outside. Spending most of the time inside the daycare often make children feel bored. To avoid boredom, you can try to make some simple Christmas craft together. Imagine how much fun that you may get when you can decorate the Christmas tree together. Here are series of enjoyable Christmas craft activity that you can do along with children under your supervision:

Christmas Craft Activity for Daycare Children

Pompom bauble

To make pompom bauble, you will need the blue wool. Besides that, you will need to prepare an old cardboard box. First thing to do is cutting two circles from the old cardboard. After that, cut a circle from the middle of each card circle until you get similar of two donuts shapes. When you are finish to create two donuts shape then you can lay the card one circle on the top of the other circles. Take the wool or yarn and then wrap it around the circles by passing through the middle hole. Keep continue to doing it until the whole card is cover up and the hole in the middle nearly closed by the yarn.

By using scissor, push the point of scissor along the circle edge and then snip the yarn all the way. Ease the card circles slightly apart and then tie a piece of the yarn around the middle part of the wool ad then pulling it tight. Let the ends of the wool stay long since you will need it to hang up it on the Christmas tree. Remove the card circles and your pompom bauble is ready to show up. You do not need to stuck in a blue color since you can use various wool color to create lovely pompom bauble such as white wool for snowflakes and red for great pompom effect.

Wrapping paper bauble

The most important thing to remember before making wrapping paper bauble is choosing paper that is not easily ripped out. To create it, you will need to use 4 pieces of wrapping paper to glued together. First of all, prepare 4 wrapping paper with different pattern, glue, 2 paper fastener, hole punch, yarn or ribbon to hang the bauble. Start the making process by taking 4 strips from each of two set pattern. Lay the strip in a pile or choose one pattern from each set. Create a hole in the middle of the strip and attach it with paper fastener.

Make a hole in each end of the strip and bring one set to another to create a loop. Fasten i with paper fastener and then tease the paper strip until it open up and form a bauble. Take the yarn or ribbon and tie it into one of the paper fastener to hang the bauble. If your bauble is small sized then you can simply hang it on Christmas tree to create perfect additional decoration. However, big bauble will be perfect to hang on the ceiling.

Christmas Craft Activity for Daycare Children

Those two craft activity is perfect for children to stay have fun while spending the time during the cold snowy near the Christmas time. Just try to make it together and let them bring it home. Children tend to be more interested, happy and proud when they are involved in making something. For daycare decoration, simply choose small Christmas tree and spend the time to decorate it together with your daycare children.

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