Cheap and Simple Christmas Crafts Project for Daycare Children |

Cheap and Simple Christmas Crafts Project for Daycare Children

Cheap and Simple Christmas Crafts Project for Daycare Children

Cheap and Simple Christmas Crafts Project for Daycare Children

Christmas is coming, what else can be more interesting than involving daycare children to make such craft. It will carry more personal meaning since you make it on your own. Besides that, it can be a fun activity to fulfill the time with daycare children. Children will also feel enthusiast with Christmas since they are involved during the decoration process. Still do not have ideas on Christmas craft? Find out several ideas as follow:

Handprint wreath

This is an easy and cheap Christmas craft. What you need is just green paper, red paper, glue and photo of daycare children. First, you can ask children to trace their hand with spread finger position on a piece of green colored paper. Be sure that you are layering two other pieces of the same colored paper behind the first paper. Simply cut out the hand shape and you will get three hands. Do the same process in red colored paper. Alternate the colored hands and glue it together. Make a circle and form of wreath. You may also add the photo of daycare children in the middle.

Felt Candle

What you need to prepare this type of Christmas craft is wooden dowel, white felt, glue, rubber band, orange felt, yellow felt, candle and ribbon. First, you will need to place the wooden dowel goes along to the vertical edge of rectangle glittery and white felt. Ask daycare children to help you rolling the white felt. Take the glue and apply it to the felt roll to make it attach together. Do not forget to ask daycare children to take the rubber band to secure the roll while waiting it to dry.

Next, remove the dowel. Ask the daycare children to make flame shape on orange felt and cut it off. Take the yellow felt and make the same flame shape but in smaller size. Glue the yellow felt into the orange one. When those felt attached, glue it together to the hole at top of the candle. Ask daycare children help to take a ribbon. Stick the ribbon in the hole behind the flame. Add the glue to make a kind of loop for hanging it on.

Tin can lantern

Clean unused a tin can. Soak it off and remove all the label and glue. Ask daycare children to fill the can with water and put in on the freezer. When the water is frozen then they can take it out form the freezer. This is a fun part. Ask daycare children to make a dot pattern on the can by using marker. Not only dot pattern, they also free to make another pattern like Christmas tree, snow flake or even diamond. Place the can on its side and put it on such solid surface. Take hammer and nail to make a hole in each dot that already make. When the entire of hoes is finished, let the tin can to thaw.

Wait until all the freeze water to melt. When it finish, ask daycare children to put tea light candle inside the tin can to make a beautiful shiny candle.

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