Best Ways to Handle Daycare Children Rivalry |

Best Ways to Handle Daycare Children Rivalry

Best Ways to Handle Daycare Children Rivalry

Handling daycare children is not an easy job to do. It is simply because there is a lot of fighting and quarreling that may happen. Moreover, each child tends to look for the daycare provider attention. This is happen since children think that their need is the most important thing. Automatically, it is creating conflict and rivalry among the children.

Best Ways to Handle Daycare Children Rivalry

Imagine what will happen if the daycare provider needs to handle a lot of children that willing to be care first. Somehow, the children cannot understand about ‘wait the line’ concept and feel that the provider is not fair to them. However, rivalry is a normal act among children. The provider needs to see this as a normal thing to happen in children developmental stage.

Want to know better about the reason behind daycare children rivalry? Find it out below:

Feel jealous

The basic reason why rivalry happens is jealousy feeling. Envy feeling toward another child may result from the provider action. Somehow, the children feel envy since they cannot get or permitted to do something while the other can obtain it. Commonly, children will utter their argument, complaint or whining.


I bet most of you have your own nickname when you were young. Some children may feel that the nicknames makes them arguing or even fighting.


Children tend to be the center of attention. They want to be recognizing as the best or the one. Daycare environment makes them compete with their peer. This competition actually is just one of their ways to show that they are better than the other.

Social skill differences

Every child is unique. It is also means that they have their own skill level in socializing with the other. Sometimes they can goes along and cooperate with the other while some other difficult to handle conflict that may happen. The differences in social skills often make them involving in rivalry condition.

Seek children strength

If you want to reduce children rivalry then you can try to have an intense communication with them. It can provide a chance to know each child better and reduce the jealousy feeling among them. Above all the fact, remember that each child is unique with their own capacity ad characteristic. Among their weakness, try to dig out their strength as well.

Stay positive

As long as you can stay positive then you will be able to manage the rivalry well. Stop comparing them and focus on each child strength.

Best Ways to Handle Daycare Children Rivalry

Maintain your understanding

Try to understand children nature. During their age, children are rarely easily to share their belonging like toys, utensils and etc. That is why you need to be a role model to show how to share and praise them when they are willing to share.

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