Best Tips to Have Enjoyable Daycare Meal Time |

Best Tips to Have Enjoyable Daycare Meal Time

Best Tips to Have Enjoyable Daycare Meal Time

Children have tons of energy. This is a fact than cannot be denied. That is why daycare meal time often turns into disaster if we do not know how to act properly. It is not only about maintaining children health but also can be a great chance for children to learn about various things. During the meal time, children can try to explore their language skill, choosing various foods and learn to build relationship with others.

Best Tips to Have Enjoyable Daycare Meal Time

What you need to do as daycare provider is providing an enjoyable meal time without pushing them to be hurry to do another type of activity after that. Do not know how to start? Here are 3 best tips to do to create a comfortable meal time in your daycare:

  1. Share the meal time together

The common mistake that commonly makes by provider is spending their time during the meal time is doing the cleanup job. Clean the dishes, set the cot or clean the toys is the example of common activity that usually done. Rarely, daycare provider use this time to sit down and get along with the children.

The benefit of sitting down together with the children is the possibility to supervise and teach them the correct manner. Let them using you as their role model so that they can be inspired with your healthy eating habit. Besides that, you can use this chance to teach them about appropriate behavior to show during the meal time.

  1. Use meal time as chance to talk with children

The daycare provider role is not only about supervise and teaching. It will be better if you can use this time to sit down and talk about many things. You can start with talking about their family, activity during the day and the type of food that you eat. Discuss further about where the foods comes from and the benefit of consuming healthy foods. It is also great chance to let children showing their language and social skills.

Best Tips to Have Enjoyable Daycare Meal Time

  1. Set the proper time for meal time

In fact, children seem to have short attention spans. It makes less of them can sit and eat calmly during the meal time. You can solve the short attention spans by creating fun and enjoyable moment. At least, children will need around 15 minutes to process and send the message to the brain that they satisfied because of the meal.

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