Best Suggested Activity to Support Daycare Infant Development from 0 to 6 Month part 2

Best Suggested Activity to Support Daycare Infant Development from 0 to 6 Month part 2Social skill

The first basic things to support daycare infant social skill are trust and secure feeling. We can make infant understand and feel our love and care to build trust and relationship with them. Make a skin to skin contact is an important thing to do. We can make it through some massage or tummy time, hold and hug them. Always show us smile and we will get a surprise when they start to smile back at us around 2 months old. Make a routine schedule every day in our daycare like bathing, read a story, singing some lullaby and put them in a crib to sleep. It will make infant easier to understand their routine and get to sleep easier by their own. Put a breakable mirror near to their crib or near their playing area is also a great method to raise infant social skill. Infant is loved to take a look in the mirror and talking with their own reflection as if communicated with other peer. At 6 months of age, infant of our daycare will try to reach us as their way to interact and communicate with us. We can held some simple games like tickle time or peek a boo.

Cognitive skill

In fact, infant of our daycare is actually being able to recognize faces and different size and color of objects. During the first and second month, the infant will show their positive respond when they hear our voice. When they get older around 4 months of age, the infant will start to explore any object with their mouths to recognize what it is about. To avoid any choking hazard risk, we must avoid giving any object that has small detail or material in a small size. When an infant of our daycare reach 6 months of age, they will love to do peek a boo. Simply teach them by hiding some toys under the blanket and let infant learn to find it.