Best Suggested Activity to Support Daycare Infant Development from 0 to 6 Month part 1

A daycare that is dealing with an infant absolutely has an important job to do. In fact, the infant also learns many things even though we may only watch them spending their time just to sleep and eat. Every kind of movement and sound that we make will absorbs by them and being their learning objects. At this stage of age, infant start to put their trust into adult care and nurture. Actually, there are many kinds of activity that we can do together with the daycare infant to support their development achievement. Those activities are divided into 4 areas as follows:


Most of us may think that it is useless to teach infant language since they cannot express their willing or ideas in such language yet. In fact, infant develop their language skill since they was born in this world. The differences are just they are passively learning by our sentence or sing. When we held some singing time in our daycare then the infant will try to find the location of the sound first and then finding their comfort zone. In 1 or 2 months they show respond to us by making a bubbling sound. When our daycare infant reach age of 6 month then they will start to make some easier bubble word like ‘ma’, ‘ba’ or ‘da’. During these stages, it will be better if we can show our enthusiast feeling and respond to their language skill development by involving infant of our daycare into more intense conversation.


Best Suggested Activity to Support Daycare Infant Development from 0 to 6 Month part 1The best ways to support daycare infant motor skill is by putting them on their back during the sleeping hours. Another way is always to encourage them to develop their muscle function in the neck area. Do not forget to also train infant of our daycare to use their shoulder. It is important since the strong shoulder is needed to support their head up. When they are at 3 months old, the infant usually start to lift their head and chest. To make them encourage in lifting their heads, we need to put an attractive toy or an unbreakable mirror in front of them to look at. Infant commonly feel attracted and start to lift their head in order to see clearly about fascinating objects in front of them. Daycare infant at 4 months old will expand their hand and eye coordination. To support this developmental level stage, we can simply put their favorite toys near them to make them feel courage to find and reach the object. When they get older around 6 months, infant of our daycare will try to sit by themselves without requiring any help anymore. We can support them by propping them on their hand. Just be sure that we put several pillows around them in case they lose their balance and fall down.