Best Methods to Make Daycare Children Love Learning Part 1 |

Best Methods to Make Daycare Children Love Learning

Best Methods to Make Daycare Children Love Learning

Making daycare children love to learn is not an easy way since they are commonly more interested in playing rather than learning. The key to create love learning habit is providing the best motivation. That is why you need to make them understand about the needs of hard effort, face the challenge and the importance of persistence. By understanding the correlation between those three things, children can build a stronger individual.

Best Methods to Make Daycare Children Love Learning

So, how to make them love to learn? Here are the ways:

Create a fun learning

Do not push too hard on yourself to thinking a complicated way. In fact, provide motivation is easy. The key is make it fun. When the task that you give is a fun and interesting one then daycare children will love to learn naturally. Just simply makes them fascinated in your task. Believe it or not, the best motivation is the one that sourced from the children itself since they find that it is enjoyable to do. The task or learning method that you give should combine humor, playful situation and free exploration possibility will be great.

Aware of reward system consequences

Most of you may using reward system to increase children motivation. It is not wrong to do but still have some consequences. It is simply because it will only last in temporary time. Using this method in continuous routine will make them bored or decide to do the task after decide whether the rewards is worthy enough. Of course, you do not want the daycare children will bargain to every task or order that you give during the learning process right? The key is encourage them to learn based on their inside motivation. Let them recognize that learning is creating so much fun.

Build internal motivation

There are 3 important aspects on building children internal motivation. Those are competence, autonomy and connection. The most powerful feeling that will enhance your internal motivation is your mastery or competence. Children will be excited to master a new skill but they are also often draw back when they feel that they are bad at something. They often cover up their doubt of some activity by saying that this activity is boring or stupid thing to do. What you can do to support them is by finding the skill gap, recognizing their disability and provide endless attention.

Praise can be an effective to make children do not stop showing their effort. By doing this, they tend to challenge or do better. Do not forget to also actively ask daycare children to so series of test to enhance their mastery. It is absolutely better ways than simply gives notes to them. Besides that, make sure that children already read the instruction carefully before doing any problem. By doing this way, you can avoid any wasting time and effort. If possible, divide the task into some steps so that children can see their achievement phase by phase.

You may called an adult with more proficiency and understanding rather than children but they also demand their autonomy over themselves. In fact, children will not show their fully effort just because they feel that they are forced. Just give them some freedom to choose their way but still under our supervision and guidance. Let them choose, make sense reason and encourage them to find their own problem solving. This way will make them possible to create their own plan to solve their matter.

Best Methods to Make Daycare Children Love Learning

Next important thing to create strong internal motivation is connection. If you can build great connection with them then they tend to do anything much more better since they feel that they are closer to you. Above of all, try to utter that you are understand about their feeling and be a great role model. Finally, set a reasonable expectation. Do not push children above their limit since it will only bring deep depression for them. Be patient and stay showing endless warmth is the best way to support daycare children.

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