Best Action to Teach Kids when Seeing Bullying Action |

Best Action to Teach Kids when Seeing Bullying Action

Best Action to Teach Kids when Seeing Bullying Action

Best Action to Teach Kids when Seeing Bullying Action

There is always a witness in a bullying action. This kind of person usually called as bystander. Even though they are not the target or victim the bullying but they still affected by this action. The effect can be in form of anxiety, guilty feeling or even depression. Bystander is even possible feeling the effect just like the victim since they see the act but they do not take the responsibility to help. It is simply because they do believe that someone else will help the victim.

In fact, even though children is not becoming the bullying victim but they likely to be witness of it. Based on this, we are better to give understanding that bullying is wrong and how to respond on this properly. At least, proper knowledge on how to deal to bullying action as bystander will prevent your child from bystander effect. Here are several things you better teach:

Tell child not joining or even laughing

It is not strange that some kid will laugh when seeing bullying to avoid being the target. Basically, it is wrong and you better teach them to avoid joining. If they do not have enough guts to stop it then it will better to stay away from laughing and joining this bullying act.

Teach them to stay away

Some bully happens to get another people attention. Believe me, they will stop it when there is not attention or audience. Just teach children to ignore or walk away from the accident event. Besides that, encourage child to report the bullying to adult to make sure that it will not happen twice.

Teach child to stop the bully

In fact, bullies will stop their action if some people showing their disapproval of their action. If your child has bravery and it is safe enough to do that they can physically say stop to the bully. If there is a physical threat then it will be better to ask an adult help.

Teach them to find trusted adult

Best help is a trusted adult. Whenever your child witness the bullying, ask them to walk away and seek for trusted adult help. This method can stop the bullying and keep your child safe from the bully threat.

Best Action to Teach Kids when Seeing Bullying Action

Teach them to use the gadget to get help

It is common that child get used to use cell phone. Teach them to directly all or text the trusted adult to ask some help whenever they witness bullies action.

Teach them to unite as bystander

Believe it or not, the safer way to react for bullying is standing as a group. When child can unite with another bystander to express their disagreement they can effectively stop the bully action.

Teach child to be aware of cyber bullying

Nowadays, bullying is not only threat physically. Cyber bullying is even scarier. If they know that their friend become target then they can report it. Teach child how to save the proof and report it to the trusted adult. You are also demanded to teach child how to use social media sites reporting mechanism.

Teach child to become victim friend

Another best way to deal with the bullying is make a friend with the victim. It can be great start for your child to have empathy for them. Just ask your child to walk, sit and lunch together with the victim.

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