Basic Toddler Furniture for Daycare |

Basic Toddler Furniture for Daycare

Basic Toddler Furniture for Daycare

In fact, your arrangement for toddler daycare furniture will affect their comfort feeling. That is the reason why you need to have proper knowledge for the furniture arrangement. Basically, you need to keep in mind that toddler room is the area where specially designed for children that starting to walk from 1 up to 2 years old before they get ready for the preschool. Still do not have enough knowledge about this? Find out the basic toddler need of furniture for daycare as follow:

Basic Toddler Furniture for Daycare
Miniature furniture

Miniature furniture here means the furniture with matched toddler size. You have to provide furniture for children about 1 up to 2 years old. Choosing matched furniture will be essential to make sure that they stay comfort while sitting on their chair or behind the desk. You need to make sure that furniture for daycare on this age will not make their feet dangle. Usually, the proper toddler furniture will be 1 foot for chair or 1 ½ up to 2 feet tall for the table to make them comfort while coloring, drawing, writing and etc.

Soft furniture

Another type of toddler furniture for daycare is a soft one. It is important to avoid any injury for toddler. You can simply choose soft material for toddler climb or playing station. Do not forget to also apply the soft rug or mattress on toddler playing area to prevent any accident that may hurt them.

Changing station

Toddler may still wearing diapers. Based on this fact, you should also allocate and arrange proper furniture for the changing area. The changing table can be added with stair addition to help them get into the changing station by themselves.

Sleeping areas

Most daycare will equip crib for sleeping area. 1 year old toddler will be use the crib while those who get older will use sleeping mat. Just be sure that you also provide pillow or blanket for them so that they can stay comfort while taking their rest time.