Basic Schedule of Daycare Meal Supplies |

Basic Schedule of Daycare Meal Supplies

basic Schedule of daycare Meal Supplies

basic Schedule of daycare Meal Supplies

Making the right daycare meal supplies is one of the most important daycare provider responsibility. It is simply because children need the proper amount and balance nutrition intake. Since the parents already trusted the child to us then we have to make a balance nutrition menuĀ  to optimize their health. The USDA even set a regulation about this nutritional intake. According to USDA, children in the age of 4 up to 5 should get around 1,400 calorie in each day. This regulation is flexible according to the children age. If the child is younger than 4 than they will need less than 1,400. If the child is older then the nutritional intake should be more than that. Based on this standard, we have to make proper daycare meal supplies. Basically, we should make three times meal planning. Those are breakfast, lunch and snack for the afternoon time. The first thing to figure out is the daycare meal supplies for the breakfast. Perfect menu for breakfast are low sugar jelly, cereal that combined with low fat milk, fruit, toast and low fat butter. For the fruit, we can choose orange, apple, banana, grape or pear. Muffins and bagels also great option for daycare meal supplies.

Next daycare meal supplies time to be prepared is morning snack. Children loves snack. The only one thing that make most of daycare owner feel confuse is that choosing the healthy snack. The key is avoid any snack that have high level of sugar. The reason is simply because this type of snack will make the children become hyperactivity. Snacks that have high level of sugar are candy, chocolate and cookies. To make a great start in the beginning of the day we can choose healthier option like fruit and vegetables. For the fruit, the best fruit to provide is the fresh one Fresh apple, orange, grape, banana, pear are the example of great option of daycare meal supplies. Carrot, celery and potato is great daycare supplies for snacking time. Just try to choose the raw vegetables since it is healthier. In some cases, children may do not like a raw daycare meal supplies. To overcome this problem, we can offer fruit cup or apple sauce. The best time to provide snack time in the morning is 2 or 3 hours after breakfast time. We need to give a period to give the morning snack. It is simply because children stomach will be full enough if we give the snack right after breakfast. Proper time will make our chosen daycare meal supplies give fully support toward children health.

When lunch time is coming then perfect daycare meal supplies will be turkey, whole wheat bun and burger in vegetarian version. The problem may arise since most children do not like vegetables. To overcome this problem, we can give a side dish like bean, kidney beans and other type of peanut to provide children need of vegetable nutrition. To avoid boredom, we can provide fish menus in our daycare meal. Tuna will be perfect daycare meal supplies. We just need complete it with mayo. Whole wheat bun will also be perfect healthy lunch if combines with cheese. Lunch menu will be perfectly complete if we add some fresh fruit to fulfill the vitamins need. No matter what kind of daycare that we have, whether it is a home daycare or center will need afternoon snacks. This time, yoghurt, dry cereal, pop corn and peanut will be great. Not only that, we also can provide other type of daycare meal supplies like raisin and pretzel to add the variation menus. For the giving time, the child care should at least give a period of 2 hour after children get their lunch. In conclusion, we have to be carefully when choosing the meal supplies. Be sure that our choose daycare meal supplies is safe and healthy.