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9 Nutritious Daycare Lunch Supplies for Toddler

9 Nutritious Daycare Lunch Supplies for Toddler

9 Nutritious Daycare Lunch Supplies for Toddler

Providing proper daycare lunch supplies for toddler in our daycare supervision is a must. It is a kind of our responsibility to maintain their health. Undeniable fact about toddler is that their picky eater habit. Commonly, toddler can not just easily eat our meal. In the daycare, there are also many factors that make them distract. Those distraction may resulted from their friend or even watching other menus.  Our basic job is providing lunch menus that appropriate with their nutritional needs. However, just providing food that categorize as healthy is not enough. For toddler, we have to provide good presentation so the children will be attracted to eat it. We have to make our daycare lunch supplies become various menu. Also try to make a beautiful garnish on it. Daycare lunch have to be present in attracting color and presentation so that they will not refuse to eat it. It is important to use all of our effort to make our daycare lunch supplies become as interesting as possible and different with the plain and classical type.

The main point of daycare lunch supplies preparation still be the nutritional value itself. There are several kind of food that kid loves so we can use and put it as the ingredient of our menu. Those nutritious food are:

    1. Pasta or noodles

Most children like pasta and noodles so it will be much easier if we use it and add other nutritional ingredient to make toddler stay healthy. After that, we only need our creativity to make a good presentation of it. We can try to make a delicious menu from spaghetti and noddles. This kind of daycare lunch supplies will be perfectly healthy if we add some vegetables on it. We can add some broccoli, carrot, cauliflower and other type of our favorite vegetables. For the final touch, we can give a cheese or homemade sauce.

    1. Sandwiches

Sandwich is a common lunch menu for lunch supplies. It is because the simplicity and ingredient inside. We can be easily combine the carbohydrate from bread and protein from veggies. We can even put some daycare lunch supplies like tomato, lettuce or spinach. If we want to add some meat then turkey is better than other because of its fat level is lower. To make toddler feel interested in it, we can cut the bread into various shape like circle, love, star and etc. If we want to add some color then we can paint the bread with food color to make this daycare lunch supplies more attracted for toddler.

    1. Quesadillas

Quesadillas is an easier to make than the sandwich. What we only need to do is just put some cheese inside tortillas and toast it in a stove. If the cheese is already melted then we can serve it. Of course, this kind of daycare lunch supplies will be more nutritious if combine with vegetables . Try to add some corn, spinach or zucchini to make it more tasty. For the tortilla itself, we are free to make a choice between or and flour tortillas. We can try to provide those two to find out which one that toddler in our daycare love most. Our quesadillas will be more completed if we serve another daycare lunch supplies like guacamole and avocado.

    1. Dips food

It is a fact that children will not refuse the temptation of dipping. That is why it is proper to be provided as the next daycare lunch supplies. Firstly, we can provide carrot dip or pita bread.  After that, we can dip it into delicious hummus. Hummus is good for child since it contain high level of fiber and protein. To make it more completed, we can add the fruit slices like apple, strawberry, orange , melon and other fruit that we like.

    1. Whole grain

Another type of daycare lunch supplies that best for children is the whole grain chip. This kind of food is perfect for preschool since it can boost their brain energy. It is possible because this food contain complex carbohydrates. It is even better than potato chips or refined sugar that will be likely reducing our energy.

    1. Protein

The kind of protein that we should provide for the toddler under our daycare supervision is peanut butter.  It is advised since this daycare lunch supplies contain vitamin B3 and E. We can use this butter as dip sauce for vegetables or fruit. Another type of healthy dip is blended tofu. Nutritious daycare lunch supplies are salsa of black bean. This kind of bean also delicious to eat with whole grain of tortillas.

    1. Fruits

Fruits maybe one of favorite daycare lunch supplies.  We can be easily make lunch from orange, apple, grapes, apple, strawberry and other. However, we need to make sure that the fruit that we serve in our daycare consist of different kind of vitamin source. As addition, we can put some dried fruit and healthy dip on children lunch. For the dip, honey, cheese or yogurt will be nicely completed the nutrition of our chosen daycare lunch supplies.

    1. Vegetables

Next healthy supplies is vegetables. Unluckily, children seems not so interested to it. That is why we have to be carefully covering the vegetables with other ingredients. We can cut it into finger food and put it together with another daycare lunch supplies like yoghurt or butter dip.  Just be sure that the serving dosage is proper. The rules is serving vegetables 1 table spoon for each age. It means that 3 years old children will need to consume 3 table spoon of vegetables.

    1. Soup in the cold season.

During cold temperature, we will need to have thermos. This kind of daycare lunch supplies is very useful to keep our lunch menu stay warm. We can use this daycare supply to store vegetable soup, chicken soup, mushroom soup, tomato soup and other. Beside soup, thermos also can be used to store hot milk and other beverages. All of those reason above make thermos become important item in daycare lunch supplies.