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8 Tips to Avoid Most Common New Child Daycare Owner Part 2

8 Tips to Avoid Most Common New Child Daycare Owner Part 2

8 Tips to Avoid Most Common New Child Daycare Owner Part 2

5.   Any child daycare need proper contract

Parents may just say verbally that they want to put their children in our child daycare. When we accept, most of us may think that it is enough. The fact is not that simple. We need to make a formal or written contract so that they can sign on it. It have to be done if we do care about our business in the future. Their signature will be the sign that they already agree to follow our policy and term. It is needed to avoid any lost income and show our professional performance. Even though home daycare seems more like family than institution but it is still contract to avoid any unwanted thing in the future. On the contract itself, we need to put at least 5 most important element on it. Those are the names of each parties, operation hours, procedure of termination, Payment term and signature of each parties. For the policy book for our child daycare, we should at least put the explanation of our rules, vacation policy, sick policy, feeding and many other. Similar with the contract, it is better if we can have parents signature on it to indicate that they already read completely and agree with each policy.

6.    Make an effective marketing business

If we already run the child daycare business for a long time then we can count on mouth to mouth as most effective and powerful marketing strategies. If we just a newbie in this track then here are several strategy to follow:

–    Register our daycare by calling or online register to child care resource and referral office. If we already registered on their websites, they will provide complete information about us to parents who looking for daycare for free.

–    Visit elementary school in your area so ask them put our daycare information into their provider list. It is important since they will provide our name for parents who asking to them for child daycare.

–    Introduce our daycare to our family, friends, neighbor, and the whole environment or community.

–    Put an advertisement of our business in local newspaper to announce our new career as daycare provider.

7.    Knowing the rules and requirement to run this kind of business

Search for the agency or department that taking care of child daycare regulation. Find out the rules and requirement to open the business. We have to know clearly whether it is need a license, certification or training to follow. Not only that, we also possible to ask about any source to get low rate loan. Even though not all state require license to open up child daycare but it will be better if we have it. Having a license can be our additional marketing strategy to gain more parents attention and trust on our child care places.

8.    Try to offer ‘out of the box idea’ of child daycare service.

There are many kind of available possibilities out there. We just need to figure it out and change it into chances. Those kind of chances are as follow:

–    If there are many big companies around our neighborhood then we can create opportunity by offering 2 or 3 shift time to take care children at that time.

–    Provide vegetarian or organic menu to atract parents who love this kind of food consumption.

–    Offering special learning program like bilingual or art learning to make our home daycare or preschool become different that other child daycare service.

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