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8 Tips to Avoid Most Common New Child Daycare Owner Part 1

8 Tips to Avoid Most Common New Child Daycare Owner Part 1

8 Tips to Avoid Most Common New Child Daycare Owner Part 1

There are a lot of things needed when we want to run a child daycare business based on home placement. It will not only need enough space in our home to hold the daycare program. At least we have to love children, patience, and able to do many tasks. Beside that, our success will also heavily depend on several things like getting the payment from the parent based on their due date, have solid policy and contract, choose the right policy, create a good strategy for marketing,  and keep the spirit of enthusiasm when running the child day care business. Thus all of the aspects is not that easy to do or achieve. We also need to avoid any kind of things that may become our barrier. In fact, there are several things that commonly make us fail to be succeeding in this home based child care. To avoid that, we can do these following tips:

1.    Doing previous research before open up our home daycare.

If we think that we do not need to do some research before running this business then it is the time for us to change our mind. We can simply held the research just by spending some hours to make a call or visit to some other child daycare in our town. If we still confuse and do not know where to start then you may call a local child care resource or referral agencies. Not only that, we also need to ask our relatives, friend, neighbour and local school to find out what they need. By doing this, we can provide service as our environment need.

2.    Choose the right insurance type

There are 3 things that should be considered before we decide to take any insurance. Be sure that we clearly know what type of insurance it is and how much it cost. Insurance is one vital part to make sure that our child day care business doing well. There are many kinds of insurance and we may think that it is similar but the usage is different on each insurance. Completed your business with ‘business income interruption’. It will help us to deal with the accidental event that may happen during the child care process. This kind of insurance care of any accidental thing that may result from temporarily closed. Without this type of insurance we have to close our child daycare for a moment, losing our revenue and income for those days. If we take this insurance, we will still get coverage and income. For this kind of protection, we do not need to spend so much money. It only needs around $30 up to $40 each month. What a worth it for those kind of protection and safe feeling.

3.    Set wrong price of our child day care services

Just exactly the same as our way to conduct previous research, we can start to find out the price information through make a call or visit and asking about it. Most of the child daycare provider set the same range of price for each child no matter the differences of age. If we are thinking of being professional and gain more profit then we can start to differentiate the price based on the children age.  Take a look in bigger daycare and those who have licensed to adopt some policy and add it to our own regulation.

4.    Set a proper policy handbook

If we decide to run a child daycare business then we have to do it in a professional way by setting a proper policy. Make a handbook of our rules and policy so that every parent can understand the way that choose to run the daycare preschool or other type of centre. It is important to avoid further disagreement when parents already put their children in our child day care.

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