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8 Simple Steps Teaching Color to Daycare Toddler

8 Simple Steps Teaching Color to Daycare Toddler

8 Simple Steps Teaching Color to Daycare Toddler

Color recognizes is one of the basic skills that we have to teach for toddler in our daycare. Do not make it complex because actually there are many simple ways to teach toddlers about color recognition. Here are several examples of it:

Buy colorful book

Reading time can be such effective ways to teach toddler of our daycare to recognize color. It is best for children of 18 months of age. What we need to do is just expose them often to color variation. More exposure will make them faster to find the differences of each color.

Buy colorful toys

Colorful toy is an effective ways to teach color recognition to toddler of our daycare. Be sure that we choose a bright and basic color like red, blue, black, white, yellow, orange, and green. Avoid the pastel color to prevent toddler confusion. It is important for us to choose toys that have contrast color than other daily equipment or furniture or your daycare to make toddler easier to differentiate it.

Use the color subject in our daily daycare supervision.

Another easy way to teach toddler in our daycare about color recognition is using the color term in our routine conversation. We can use it in such simple question like “what do you want to wear today, a red or green shirt?”  Another example is by explaining that we like her blue sock and etc. It is a great example to teach toddler about language vocabulary and color recognition at the same time.

Talk about color when you take toddler out

We are also possible to teach toddler in our daycare about color when we are outside. All we need to do is just pointing out on any sort of color that we can find. For example, take a toddler to the grocery store and point out some color there. If there are some apples, orange or grape then you can mention its color to make easier for toddler to understand. Besides that, we can let toddler to pay to the cashier. It will make them easier to recognize the green color of the money. If you see a traffic light, you can also mention the color variation. It is a great example of red, green and yellow recognition.

Play with colored bubbles

Playing with bubbles is absolutely one of toddler in our daycare favorite. We can add some food color into the bubbles and let them chase and pop it. It will be fun and simple method to teach color easier.

Play with colored block

Building tower from block is another playful game for toddler. We can play this game along with the toddler of our daycare. Ask them to help us picking up the block based on color that we mention.

Teach color during the meal time

Meal time also can our qualified time to teach color recognition for toddler in our daycare. We can provide colorful meal like colorful fruit, vegetable or pudding.  We can ask children to take the food based on our color instruction.

Art project with toddler.

There are various art projects that we can do with toddlers of our daycare. We can simply do the painting, coloring, glue and cutting. It has also helped us to support toddler development. We can simply add food color in the glue or paint the drawing as instructed color.

The toddler is gaining development in a periodical level. That is why we should not criticize them too much when they make a mistake or difficult to follow our instructions.

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