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8 Most Important Thing to Avoid Accident in Daycare

8 Most Important Thing to Avoid Accident in Daycare

8 Most Important Thing to Avoid Accident in Daycare

Nobody can deny the fact that daycare always be a busy and noise place since it full with children. This place always full with children with various ages. Each age has their preferences of game, lesson and way to communicate. Daycare provider has to face this fact and find the best way to keep all children safe and health. With so many chaos that happen, accident sometime occurs. It is simply because children have tons of energy and full of curiosity. We cannot expect what they will do since they often do many things spontaneously. However, we are the one who is in charge to maintain their safety when we are taking off the responsibility form children parent. Here are several things that you can do to prevent any accident to happen in your daycare:

Get enough staff in daycare

It is important to pay attention to the comparison between the staff and the children. If we want to prevent any accident to happen then we will surely needs enough staff amount. Actually there is the basic ratio that we can use to make sure whether we already have enough staff for our daycare or not. There is only differences depend on the children age. If your daycare dealing with infant then you will need 1 staff for every 3 infant. If you are dealing with toddler then the best ratio is 1 staff taking care of 4 toddlers. Older children from 3 and more will need 1 staff for every 7 children. We may not be able to apply this system completely based on our daycare type and budget. However, it is better to pay attention to this if we want to minimize accident risk.

Always supervise the children

Just be sure that there are always available staff members to supervise children all the times. Most of us may do not think it is important since we are only have a few children. However, actually we still need at least two staff member in case of something urge happen. We are surely cannot handle the urge situation by ourselves while handling the rest of children at the same time.

Have a qualified child care staff

If we are running in home daycare, at least we need to follow some training to make sure that we get all the needed knowledge to apply in our daily routine. If we have big daycare center and have a lot of children then it will be better if we hire qualified staff. Be sure that the staff that we hire has comparable experience with children that they will take care.

Choose proper toys for children age

Toy is children favorite. It is a part of our responsibility as daycare provider to choose the right toys. Be sure that there is no sharp edge or small detail to avoid any choking hazard risk. Do some continuous check so that we will now if there is any damage or broken part.

Put the cleaning supplies away from children reach

Cleaning supplies is one of the basic things that are needed by daycare. What we need to consider is make sure that it is far from children reach. It is simply because the cleaning supplies often contain many chemical and toxic materials so it is better to make put it separated.

Get safety training

It is better to equipped yourself or your staff in daycare to follow such safety training. We need to acknowledge ourselves or staff with CPR or first aid training to face any emergency thing. Be sure that we buy first aid kit. Place the first aid kit properly in a near and reachable place. Do not forget to make a list of emergency call near the phone so that we can immediately make a contact when needed.

Put safety cover into high risk place

Children are full of curiosity. That is why they often touch or grab something that is new for them. What we need to do to protect their safety in daycare is by cover up any electrical outlet, put the fence or safety gates in the top of stair or between areas inside the daycare.

Maintain outdoor playground safety

Be sure that we have proper fence for our outside playground area and put soft surface as grass, mat or rug in each daycare playground area.

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