8 Most Essential Thing to Starting Home Daycare Budget Plan

Budget is an essential part to create a success daycare business. That is the basic reason why we need to plan the budget properly before starting home daycare. You will need to stick on the budget planning that you already make so that you can control your expense. Before start with the budgeting, be sure that you already know the type of common expenses that commonly make by daycare provider as follow:

8 Most Essential Thing to Starting Home Daycare Budget Plan

Electricity expense

In fact, you will use more electricity when you are running home daycare service. Based on this fact, you better calculate and record your previous electricity bill before opening daycare service and first month after open up the business. The difference of the bill charge is the cost that you need to be put on your budget list to be considered as routine expense on monthly basis.


Same as electricity, running daycare service mean that you are also need to be calculate and listed on the expense budget when you are starting home daycare. The water usage will rise since you will need to do extra laundry and dishes. The same rule of comparison is also needed to be making between before and after opening daycare business expense bill.


Food is the next type of expense that needed to be put on the daycare budget list. The food expense here will be including the snack and meals expense that you need to prepare for the children under your supervision.


Insurance is something importance for your business. It is needed to protect you and your business when some unwanted thing happens.


Another importance expense that you will need to put on your budget is the equipment expense. It will include some common expense such as blankets, shelves, crib, toys, highchair, book, outdoor play equipment and many more.

8 Most Essential Thing to Starting Home Daycare Budget Plan


The type of expense that include in this category is toilet paper, hand soap, shampoo, bandage, laundry cleaner, first aid supply, art material and others.


In fact, budget for advertising expense will be highly depending on your budget. If you have a lot of budget then you can make some brochures or pamphlet and online site to advertise your business. If you have budget limitation then word of mouth can be a great solution.


The kind of expense that put in here is the extra expenses such as field trips of budget to do some special activities with children.