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8 Fun Ways to Teach Fire Safety to Daycare Children

8 Fun Ways to Teach Fire Safety to Daycare Children

8 Fun Ways to Teach Fire Safety to Daycare Children

Safety is important to run the daycare. One type of safety subject to teach is the fire safety. We should not make children afraid of fire but eager to learn how to escape, why should avoid and not being panic. All we need to do is just finding the right activity to make children easier to learn and having fun with the lesson. Here is the top activity you may try to teach children in your daycare about fire safety:

  1. Make a trip plan to fire station

Some children get frightened with fire fighter while some others do not. To erase children fear, we can take them to a local fire station to make them comfortable. Let them see and interact with fire fighter whether they are in full uniform or without any uniform. Make sure to have an appointment so that the firefighter can allocate their time to explain clearly to the children about how to deal with fire and the tools. It can make children of our daycare feel curious and eager to learn any new thing about fire safety.

  1. Make a fire safety poster

We also can try to make a poster of fire safety on our own. This poster should be clearly explained how children can escape from such fire. We can put this poster in our daycare wall and discuss it together with children.

  1. Buy a book dealing with fire safety

Another kind of ways that we can try to teach our daycare children is buying a book that related to fire safety. We can read this book in a story telling or reading time. It is even better if we can buy a book that a picture in it. It is simply because children will be more interested in the picture.

  1. Red day

The main color of a fire fighter is red. It can be simply seen from the fire truck. Make children get ease with red color by asking them to wear red clothes and let them drawn any fire fighter tools or equipment that has a red color. When children in our daycare succeed doing this then we can give them reward like red fruit punch, red snack and red fruit.

  1. Train children to play find the exit way

Instruct all of the children in our daycare to make a line. Take them to walk around and find out the exit ways. When you are already showing them the way out, let them find their own way out. Divide them into several groups and give a time limit. Give a present for the team that can find out the exit quicker than another

  1. Games of physical activity to deal with fire

Teach children in our daycare about stop, drop, roll, stay low and go. This is the basic action that they should learn to face the fire accident. When all children can do this action, we can make a game. Use anything sounding as alarm and instruct children to do the action as we ask.

  1. Safety evacuation games

Another important game to teach children in our daycare about fire safety is the evacuation practice. Train children how to escape when the fire accident happen. We can even add some barrier like fire sticker on the wall or some equipment to pretend as obstacle so that we can teach us how to do what to do if the way is blocked and we cannot go through.

  1. Games of being fire fighter

Children in a daycare always love to do role play. We can simply make a fire fighter hat and teach children about the equipment that commonly need by the fire fighters. Let them understand the usage of fire extinguisher and where it is located. Explain about the fire alarm usage and how to maintain the fire alarm stay work well.

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