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8 Crusial Steps to Start A Child Daycare Center From Home

8 Crusial Steps to Start A Child Daycare Center From Home

8 Crusial Steps to Start A Child Daycare Center From Home

Before we start to open up a child daycare business at home, we should ask honestly to ourself about several important questions. These questions are categorized as important things since they will become the base of our choices to run this business. Those questions are listed as below.

A.    Do we really like children?
We may think that running a child care is fun because we like children. However, we have to admit that taking care of children is not an easy task. There are so many times that we often get depressed with our children. If we decide to open up this child daycare business then we have to be fully consider that we will deal with a lot of kids to be cared of. We have to be sure that we can count on our patience to overcome any problem that may happen.

B.    Do we have any experience to take care of children?
Running a home daycare may be easier for those who have many experiences to take care of children. Since we have to deal with many different characteristics of children then we have to own enough experiences too. If we are a kind of person that has a high temper or unstable personality then this child daycare business should not be our choice.  If we have already convinced that we love children and have enough experiences then we can start it. Before starting, there are also several steps to follow.

1.    Finding the Requirements to Get the License

It is better to find out the requirements so that we can prepare it when needed. Getting a license or certificate will result in great impact toward our child day care business. By getting the license we can get more trust and recognition from the customers or the associated governmental department. To add our value, we may follow several courses. After passing those course we can get certified to be displayed in our child day care centre.

2.  Apply for Small Business Insurance

Having an insurance for our child daycare business is important. We do not know what will happen in the future so it is safer if we follow the insurance to support our business.

3.    Find out How Many Employees that We Need

If our business is a small one then we can start the child daycare service from home by ourself. When we already choose to work by ourself then we have to be ready for doing these kinds of jobs:
–    Manager
–    Secretary
–    Teacher
–    Counsellor
–    Organizer
–    Scheduler
–    Book keeper
–    First aid administer and many more.
If we want to make a larger child daycare home centre then we should consider hiring some professionals or at least involving relatives or friends that have the same sense toward children.

4.    Prepare the Needed Forms

We will need to prepare many kinds of forms when running a child daycare service. Here are several types of important forms to prepare:
–    Background information form
This kind of form will be needed to write down all the information about a child before starting his or her learning in our child day care services. Commonly, we need to fulfill the address, phone number, health information or allergies that are had by a child into this background form too.
–    Scheduling
–    Payment arrangement
–    Prescription

5.    Fix All the Price and Policy.

It is better to set our prices before opening up our child day care service business. After setting it all then we can put or display the price and policy to inform the parents who want to give their children in our hand.

6.    Prepare All the Needed Equipment Supplies

Running a child daycare business means that we have to provide sufficient amounts of equipment and tools for children. We have to prepare for the tables, books, playground, art tools, storage and many other things to support children’s activities in our child day care centre.

7.    Clean and Check the Environment

Another thing that we should provide for our child daycare service is a clean environment. It is important for our business. We will get succeed if we offer a clean and continually sanitized environment.

8.    Prepare the Marketing Strategies

When we are already preparing all the equipment and any other things that are needed to set a child daycare then we have to move on in the marketing part. We can start to make a flyer and post it in a place that can be easily seen by anybody. Beside that, we can start to inform our family and friends about our child daycare business to get their support and help to promote. It will be good for our business since many working parents need a daycare preschool service while they are spending their time to work. So just follow the suggested steps above and start to run our own child day care services.

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