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7 Ways to Get Fundraising for Our Preschool Daycare

7 Ways to Get Fundraising for Our Preschool Daycare

7 Ways to Get Fundraising for Our Preschool Daycare

Having a non profit preschool daycare is not an easy task. Commonly, we are facing big problem dealing with the budget. Just imagine, there are so many expense allocated for the facility, supplies, and staff to keep the preschool running. While other preschool or daycare that orientate in budget can easily fulfilled their need to provide the supplies for children learning process, the non profit preschool daycare have to find another way. For us who still can not figure out the thing that we can do to get money to keep our preschool running may follow the suggestion below:

  1. Do some sales of unused goods

We can try to collect many unused goods and make garage sale from that. We can even put some announcement or sign about this garage sale event to give opportunities for other people to join. Let the public now that they can participate into this event to support our preschool daycare so that we can keep provide services to the needed kid. Just try to remind them to bring their donation few weeks before the due date. It is important because we need to make great arrangement of all the items and also set the price of it.

  1. Try to held an auction

We can make such kind of auction in our preschool daycare for all of the goods that we have collected from the donation.

  1. Held a bazaar

Bazaar is a great idea if we want to collect some money for our non profit preschool daycare. We can held a bazaar with entertainment, cake, and craft that made by us or children. We also can ask the local manufacturer to sell their product and share the revenue to support our daycare.

  1. Asking for donation

Donation is another way to keep our preschool daycare provide service to the child. We can ask this donation from the local merchant whether they have some some goods or service that can be donate to our preschool. Do not forget to give detailed explanation of our purpose to ask the donation including the expense budget. Choose the season that there is not much organization that ask for donation like spring, summer or fall. Make  a checklist of local merchant so that we will not any of them in our preschool daycare donation proposal.

  1. Try to make an online auction or selling.

We know that the large auction program is not that effective because of the cost that needed to make it. We may just can do it mostly twice in a year because of the budget reason. So how we can get the money for our preschool daycare without spending much budget on it? The answer is through online. Advertise our donated goods in open market like e Bay or other big online selling site. It will give us opportunity to sell our goods without limiting by the budget. Just try to make a good listing so that people will be easily to find the goods that they need.

  1. Send a proposal to corporation for matching gift programs.

There are a lot of corporations that provide the matching gift program for those who donate some cash to non profit preschool daycare. We can use this way to offer them those corporate gifts. The gifts itself sometimes can be goods or discount card.

  1. Sell the children art work result

The art project can give us double benefit. First, we can train our children to be more creative to express their mind. Beside that we can put their art work into a kind of gallery and let the parents  or other interested people to buy. We also can do the ‘green project’ and involving our children on it. Teach the children in our preschool daycare to make a craft or art project with unused goods. This is a good idea since it does not cost much money but can resulting valuable item. Parents or relative usually will be glad to buy as the memories of first preschool work. Automatically, it can give our preschool daycare more support to keep running.