7 Steps to Make Parents of Your Daycare Children Get Involve during Summer Activity

7 Steps to Make Parents of Your Daycare Children Get Involve during Summer ActivityDaycare has a lot of activity to do during the summer. Various outdoor activities can be done to avoid children boredom. If we do not have any plan to go outside yet then we can do some extra ordinary games inside our daycare. However, outside trip will be the best or maybe children favorite. There are huge of choice start from collecting insect, playing with the mud, picnic in the local park or even enjoying the time in the daycare pool or a local pool. It is good for children but sometimes it doesn’t sound that good for parent since it means they have to spend extra money on it. That is why we have to be clever to make parent willing to involve into their children activity in the daycare. There are many cases when a parent feels unsatisfied because they do not get any previous information about the trip plan. The information and communication technology have already arisen so there are various ways to make us keep communicating. We can simply use email, text messages, website pages and social networking to inform parents about the plan and asking for their involvement. By doing this, we can minimize the misunderstanding that commonly happens with parents of children in our daycare.

The parent involvement will be good both for us and them. From our side, we can get an additional help to take care of children while having an outside activity from daycare. From parent side, they will get a chance to accompany their children and have fun together. If parents are having a job, ask for their time during lunch time to have a small picnic and have a lunch outside with their children. Of course for this action you have to choose the location that will make them possible easier to reach. Another kind of activity that we can do is an outside career fair. Let children of our daycare express what are their dreaming jobs when they are growing up. Ask parents to come to explain their jobs. We can make it more interesting by providing some supporting item like laptop, phone, salon tools, carpenter tools and others who will make them easier to understand the career role. How about busy parent who cannot leave their job. We can still ask for their participation by sending some craft or art material home so that they can do it together with their children. It is better to make that hope that all parents can come to our daycare. Another way is asking parents to make homemade fruit snack that always be a family favorite. It will make children still feel their parent presence. Do not forget to ask your daycare children to  write down a thank you note and bring it back when they go home.

Held an outside activity with children is fun but I am sure that children will be more glad if we can ask their parents to join. Choose the day and hours where most parent possibly can come. Visiting a baseball league game will be fun if we can arrange it to be attend by children of our daycare and their parent. Night swims at local pool will also be a great idea to connect children and their parent. Do not forget about talent night in our daycare where parent can attend to see their children creativity like singing, dancing, drama, playing music, or any other type of action. Make sure that this talent night is not about presenting children ability but also encourage parent to do something and present it with their children together. If there is any parent who have particular job that make them possible to let us join and got something to learn then we can ask their permission to come. It will be good if one of the parents is a fireman, policeman, manager of certain office, farmer and various other jobs. It will increase the parent’s ability to get involved in our daycare activity since they can keep doing their job while taking care of their children. The point is, we do have responsibilities to take care and maintain children health and safety but there is no more happier thing if they can see their parent also agree to involve and spend some time with them rather than spending most of their time in daycare.