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7 Perfect Garden Children Games

7 Perfect Garden Children Games

Playing children games in garden will be great choice to have fun and exercise children muscle. You will not need to prepare a lot of things. Commonly, you will need are some plastic toys, balls, bikes, slide, scooter and others. Besides those common toys, you can try the following other children games that will be perfect to play in the garden as follow:

Pirate treasure hunt

The rules of is simple. Take favorite toys or stone as ‘treasure’ and hide it on a sand pit or patch of soil. Let children hunt the treasure and the winner is the one who collect the most treasure.

7 Perfect Garden Children Games

Bug or worms hunt

Teach children to walk slowly and quietly around the garden. Later on, let them find as much as possible crawlies or bugs that hide under the stone and leaves. You may also try to find worms after rain pouring down. This type of children games will be perfect choice to have fun together.

Water painting

This type of children games is cheaper one. What you need is preparing empty container of water and paint brush. You can let children free to paint any pattern that they like names or even picture.

Art gallery

What you need to do this children games is chalk. Prepare paving slabs for drawing work. You can let children to draw anything by using the chalk. This type of games will no need to be clean up since the rain will washes it easily.


Take old blanket to make a tent. If you do not have it then you can use sheet draped, chair and canes for this type of children games. You may also collect sticks as if you have campfire.

7 Perfect Garden Children Games Natural art

There are so many interesting things on nature. One of great children games dealing with nature is natural art. You can make children try to collect various stone, leaves, grass, feathers and other to make collage or sculpture form it. Make a picture of it just simply placed it at home to memorize the moment.

Play with big box

In fact, children always have a lot of imagination. Just try to find a big box that is not used anymore. You can make various things from it start from a house, car, boat, shop, castle and many other things. Feel free to design and decorate. Let children do children games to develop their creativity.

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