7 Cheap Items for Daycare Supplies Storage

7 Cheap Items for Daycare Supplies StorageThe routine job of day care provider is creating a clean environment and providing the needed daycare supplies. This clean lines have to be maintained every single day. To support this daily job, we can  make it easier if we already set all the supplies into well arranged. It is simply because if it is good arranged then we can do the sanitize work much easier since we  do not need to spend much time to arrange it first. Imagine that we have to clean our day care floor while it is full covered with various toys, book, mat, blanket and many other things. Of course, we cannot instantly clean it since it will need couple of time to put all the mess into some rack or other storage type. However, the price of storage sometimes can be so higher to afford. To overcome that problem, we can try the following 7 types of cheap storage item for our daycare supplies. The first type of item that we can use is outerwear rack. We can use peg coat rack or pot rack to hang the child’s coat, jacket and etc. Make a photo of each child of our daycare and put it on the peg. Children can use this photo as a sign where do they have to put their outerwear clothes. This kind of storage furniture for daycare supplies is not only help us to arrange the mess but also help children to learn their recognizing skill.

The next cheapest item to choose is a dish caddy. This kind of equipment can be helpful for us as a day care provider during the feeding time. By using this kind of daycare supplies, we can let children to get their own meal. Just try to simply put several boxes ans staple it all. Give some attractive color to catch children’s attention. After that place it on a low table that provide children some place to get their own plate, bowl and other kind of eating inventory. The type of daycare that require storage is toys. Imagine that we have to fix all the messy toy spreading all around of our daycare. We may buy some aisle easily if we have the budget for it to make all the toys stay arranged well. If we have limited budget then we can make it on our own. We can take several cardboard boxes and paint it with colors that loved by children. Do not forget to add some picture to make it easier for children recognize. For example, put the picture of wooden blocks for the wooden block daycare supplies. Make some similar items for toys, cards, car and etc. This way is perfect for preschool since it can help us to practice essential skills such as recognizing and matching the proper daycare supplies with the suitable box.

The next item better to provide is the blanket holder. After nap hour finish, we usually have to face with the mess of blanket that spread all around. To make it well arranged, we can try to use the wine rack as our blanket holder. Put a cheap wine rack as our additional daycare supplies to keep the blanket stay organized. A basket also needs to be provided. It is simply because children need some place to put their shoes while they are having their nap time.Choose wicket basket and remove shoe shelves or shoe caddies from our list since those last two is expensive.  This kind of basket can be useful daycare supplies since it can provide the same function as the expensive one but at a lower price. Paper also need to be well arranged otherwise mess is everywhere. To overcome this problem, try to find cheap plastic or cardboard unit from office supply stores. We can put a child’s photo on each box so that they can easily find their places to put such daycare supplies of art and craft of their own. Make sure that we place it well in our child care. Providing a cheaper storage is a complete way to maintain children need without getting broke. We still can make our daycare become clean, wee arranged and stay showing our care and support to children development by teaching them to put their daycare supplies like art, craft, paper, shoes and other items by their selves.