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7 Best Tips to Choose Daycare Baby Cot

7 Best Tips to Choose Daycare Baby Cot

7 Best Tips to Choose Daycare Baby Cot

Daycare baby cot is one of essential supplies to provide. The major factor of baby cot purchasing is the safe and comfort. When you are dealing with baby in your daycare then you will likely need baby cot until they reach 2 or 3 years of age. There are various additional features that you can simply find in daycare baby cot. You can start to consider what type of feature that you need so that you can find the best matched one.

Here are the best 7 tips to purchase daycare baby cot:

Make a research

It is undeniable fact that various baby cot in the market make you confuse to choose which one that proper for your daycare baby cot needs. First, decide which type of baby cot that you need whether it is a single drop side and double drop side. You may also choose a round, canopy and convertible. When you already decide the type of daycare baby cot that you need, you will get easier since the choice being narrowed.

Looking for standard safety feature

When you are purchasing daycare baby cot, you will need to carefully look at the safety feature. At least your cot slat distance should be around 2 3/8 inches while drop side locking mechanism must be secure. The drop side of daycare baby cot at least needs to be 9 inches above mattress support when it is in low position. When the cot is raised, the drop side must be 26 inches above.

Other standard safety feature for your daycare baby cot is having enough space between cot side and the mattress. Standard of space will be 2 fingers wide maximum. Besides the spaces, there are a lot of other safety feature standards that you better carefully examine before purchasing any baby cot. Those standards of daycare baby cot should be the peeling paint, splinter, rough corner and rough edges.

Take a look of optional feature

Be sure that your chosen daycare baby cot have proper optional feature. If you want a sturdy mattress then you better choose metal support frames rather than wooden. Besides that, teething rail is also great option to look for since baby commonly like to chew the cot. If you want an easier usage or cleaning then you better choose daycare baby cot that have rolling casters to ease you changing the sheets.

Check for recalled product

Before making any purchase, you better check whether there is some recalled report. You can simply check the daycare baby cot that you want to purchase at official website of Consumer Report or U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Check the position of additional feature

The other important additional features of daycare baby cot are sleep positioned, bumper guard, toys and music mobile.

Do not buy second hand that made before 1973

If you want to purchase daycare baby cot then you better avoid the cot that made before 1973. It is simply because this cot commonly contains lead paint, rough edges, splinter and too far slats.

Be aware and double check your wish to purchase daycare baby cot to provide safe and comfort for children!

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