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7 Basic Requirement for Daycare Opening

7 Basic Requirement for Daycare Opening

Setting daycare business is not an easy task if you do not have enough preparation. At least you will need to prepare for the basic requirement to obtain successful daycare business. Basically, there are several requirements to fulfill before open it up. Feel curious about those requirements? Here are the 7 basic things you better prepared:

7 Basic Requirement for Daycare Opening


Even though some state may do not force daycare to have license but it will be better if you have it. This license can increase parent trust and your liability. Usually, this type of license will need to be renewed each year.


Safety is another basic and important requirement to prepared when you are willing to open up daycare. It is simply because safety is an important issue. Generally, there will be state licensing board inspector that inspect your daycare to make sure whether you have a safe enough service or not according to the series of state requirement, safety requirement and local fire regulations.


Preparing for the best location that easy to reach for parent is every daycare provider dream. Of course, you cannot simply choose location especially if you want to establish daycare center. At least daycare center will set regulation based on each type of daycare location.


You will need to check your staff requirement to make sure that you hire the right person. You better apply the child to adult ratio to be sure that each children get sufficient care. Of course the exact ratio will be vary from each state.

Training and certification

Some state may require first aid certification. If your state require this then you better contact local health department. Besides that, you may also encourage yourself and your staff to get proper certification and training.

7 Basic Requirement for Daycare Opening

Activities and equipment

Daycare equipment need to be checked so that it will always be safe and accessible. The whole toys, art supplies and activities should be arranged in proper schedule so that children can get balance nutrition, nap times and playing times.

Other requirement

You better provide working telephone so that the parent can be easily contacting and obtain information about your daycare. Setting proper policy to make sure that parent and provider get the same point of view and agreement about daycare policies and curriculum.

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