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6 Top Equipments for Daycare Infant and Toddler

6 Top Equipments for Daycare Infant and Toddler

6 Top Equipments for Daycare Infant and Toddler

Daycare infant and toddler will need proper equipment to provide. It is simply because that equipment will be primarily need to fulfill children needs. Infant and toddler age will need more attention and supervision since they are commonly like to explore new thing on their surroundings.

However, you will need to wisely choose proper equipment for daycare infant and toddler to maintain their safety, healthy and developmental stages. Here are 6 type of best equipment that you better provide for your daycare infant and toddler:

Proper age of toys

Infant and toddler is the age where children get their most important developmental stages. They will need stimulus to boost their skill. Of course you will need different type of toys for daycare infant and toddler. Infant will need toys that they can learn, hold, shake or even chew. You may also set bouncy seat and swing to keep them entertained.

Daycare infant and toddler should have activity center to spend their leisure time become the productive one. Soft ball, pull and push toys or shape sorter is great for them. Besides that, pretend toys also great tools to boost their creativity. Daycare infant and toddler also need story time because it can increase their language development.

Feeding supplies

Toys may important for daycare infant and toddler since they are love to play. However, feeding supplies is also important. Firstly, be sure that the eating are is clean, hygiene and consist of safe eating utensils. Do not forget to provide high chair and booster seat attached to traditional or small table and chair.

Sleeping area

Sleeping area will need your attention to make sure that you provide proper equipment. It is simply because daycare infant and children need to have sufficient nap time. You can provide safe and sturdy crib. Small bed or mat may also be provided for your daycare infant and toddler. This type of bed and mat will be suitable for older toddler that commonly like to climb out form their crib.


If we are talking about transportation then I bet most of you may think about stroller as daycare infant and toddler common transportation. This type of equipment can be categorized as important one to provide since it can make you easier to take them in fresh air. Proper age car seat may also be including into your list of important daycare infant and toddler equipment.

Diaper and bathroom

Daycare infant and toddler will also need diapers. Be sure that you provide proper daycare changing table to make you easier to do the changing work. Besides that, another crucial need for daycare infant and toddler in potty chair, step stair and step stool.

Safety equipment

In fact, daycare infant and toddler always full of curiosity about their surroundings. This is the reason why you need to pay attention mainly on their safety. The type of proper daycare infant and toddler equipment are stair gates and electrical outlet cover.

Be sure you are paying attention to those 6 suggested above to maintain your daycare infant and toddler safety and health!

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