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6 Tips to Deal with Daycare Children Aggression

6 Tips to Deal with Daycare Children Aggression

6 Tips to Deal with Daycare Children Aggression

Daycare job is often get more difficult when have to deal with children aggression. Regarding children condition, we need to carefully choose the type of action to reach with their behavior. Of course every reaction that we make will highly depend on the children age and their personal temperament. For you who still confuse to choose the right action toward daycare children aggression, the following steps may help you:

Keep calm

First thing that you should do to handle daycare children aggression is keep calm. Take a deep breath to take a chill. Make yourself calm will keep you in control and prevent you from making any statement or action that you will regret it later. There are so many cases when emotional takes over the logical and rational thinking. Any frustration or anger that you showed will increase daycare children stress. If you calm, you can soothe and clam down them easier.

Examine daycare children feeling and willing

The best way to calm down aggressive daycare children is make a statement that you know their feeling and desire. For example, you can make statement as follow when children get aggressive because of want to play with certain toys:

“I understand that you want to play with that toy. When you cannot have it, you get angry. However, it is not good to hit your friend or grab the toys from your peer. It is simply because hitting is hurt somebody. You need to be patience and take turn.

State the right words along with proper gesture

Sometimes, word is not enough to state your understanding. Add some proper gesture to ask daycare children stop their aggressive action. Say no way to hit others along with grab their hand and hold them. Keep firmly but not in angry manner. Repeat the words to make them stop until they can fully understand your words.

Make an alternative

It will be better if you can follow up the action by offering another activity as alternatives. Without any available alternatives, the daycare children will be likely to repeat their aggressive action. If the children loves to throw or hitting then you can take them outside to play throw the ball or basket.

Do some action as distraction

Distraction is needed to make aggressive daycare children to get calm down. Ask them to join the game or keep them hold with your big hug to soothe them. Help them to manage their anger by simply jump and down or painting to express their feeling until they can soothe up. Some physical or art activity can be a healthy healing toward daycare children aggressive action.

Apply the time out method

Time out is a great discipline method since it will make children possible to calm themselves. It will prevent them from hitting other or throwing things. Let them spend some times alone in certain place and get calm. When they seem calm, states that they are always have the chance to ask your help. It is a better way than reflecting their aggressive behavior and hurt the other.

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