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6 Standard Regulation of Diaper Change Tables

6 Standard Regulation of Diaper Change Tables

6 Standard Regulation of Diaper Change Tables

Diaper changing tables include in an important furniture to provide in daycare.This kind of supply is useful to help us when we need to take care of children. It can provide a sturdy surface so that we can change the soiled diaper in a safe environment. In fact, there are many types of changing tables that available in the market. Generally, there is no clear standard that set by the federal government.  Luckily, Consumer Product Safety Commission and National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care set a guidelines and standard for it. It can make us as daycare provider become easier to choose which diaper changing tables to choose. By choosing the proper changing tables, we can avoid any injury risk.

The regulation of diaper changing tables are detailed as follow:

1. The height of changing table

The first thing that put into the diaper changing tables is its height. The recommended height is the one that have standard stand which is start from 28 up to 32 inch.  This height is suggested because it can minimize the risk of suffering from back strain. The back strain itself is the condition when the caregiver try to lift the baby.  So just make sure to buy changing table that have height as suggested by the regulation above.

2. The existence of safety rails

Safety rails is one of important and required equipment on diaper changing tables. This equipment can help us to avoid any injuries that causing by falling child. As we know that children have full of energy. Sometimes they are keep moving when we are putting them on the changing tables. To prevent any unwanted thing, we should choose the manufacturer that produce diaper changing tables with 6 inch safety rails above the changing surface. Another thing to consider is the pad position. If we put the pad on the surface of the tables then we have to measure the pad thickness so that we can make sure that we have enough safety equipment as needed.

3. Surfaces of the diaper changing tables.

Changing baby cloth diaper can be a daunting task especially if we have to deal with great number of child in a daycare. That is why we need to be carefully choose the tables that will support our job in the daycare. Be sure that the surface is smooth and waterproof. The best type of surface will be plastic since it can make us easy to clean it.

4. Completed with storage

It is even better id we can find the diaper changing tables that equipped with storage. We will be very busy when changing baby diaper. That is why it will be helpful if there are storage to make us easier put some diaper changing supplies. It will be more efficient that put some basket on the tables while we are changing the diapers.

5. Diaper changing tables must have clear weight limit

Most important factor that will affect our choice on this changing table is the material. Be sure that it is sturdy and  have no damage. Especially if the diaper changing tables that we choose is a fold able on then we have to pay carefully attention to the weight limitation. Generally, the limitation of weight will be 30 pound.

6. ASTM standar regulation

Our chosen diaper changing tables must follow the ASTM standard. This standard itself including the instruction, labeling and material regulation. So when we are looking for changing tables, be sure that we choose the product that put a clear instruction and information on their labeling paper. This type of diaper changing tables will help us to eliminate our worries of baby safety.