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6 Must Have Material for Daycare Teacher Supplies

6 Must Have Material for Daycare Teacher Supplies

6 Must Have Material for Daycare Teacher Supplies

Make sure that all of daycare teacher supplies already prepared well is main job of teacher in daycare except providing lesson. Teacher usually give some particular amount of budget to prepare of this. Teacher then have to set their planning of what should by to provide the needed supplies for the daycare. Here are several material of daycare teacher supplies that better to provide to support the successful learning program:

  1. Writing supplies

This kind of supply will consist of  the basic needed item for daily learning program such as pencil, pen, notebook and paper. Usually, the student in daycare already bring such school supplies. However, children usually forget or lose their supplies. That is why teacher always have to prepare with abundant amount of such daycare teacher supplies.

  1. Craft and art supplies

Educational supplies is not only consist of what called as basic daycare teacher supplies but also the art one. In fact, children need to be assist to develop their ability in both of brain side. While learning logical will be the developmental stage of left side of the brain then art and craft project will be the type to support right side of brain development. The example of daycare teacher supplies for art and craft project are crayon, marker, glue, scissor,paper, paint, brush and other supporting material. Actually, there are many kind of teacher supplies that related with the art and craft project. We can even use any unused item to make an art or craft project. News paper, unused can and other material can be sued as valuable item without spending money on it. This is a kind of free daycare teacher supplies that we may find around us. To store all of this supplies, we need to buy some kind of basket, art aisle or container to keep it well organize.

  1. Student recognition supplies

Another type of daycare teacher supplies is the one that related with student recognition. The teaching supplies that have close relation with this function are sticky notes, stickers and stationery. This kind of item is important for teachers because they can simply use it to make some notes of praise when student get good mark and positive signal to the parents. This kind of daycare teacher supplies can be our method to showing our appreciation to our daycare student effort to get a good mark. To make it more interesting, we can give some stickers fro children that doing or achieve good thing to make them feel supportive and want to give more effort on it.

  1. Bulletin board supplies

This is one if important daycare teacher supplies to provide. This type of board is a good place where teacher can put children work of art, painting event or even for any development or curriculum changes. Usually, this kind of supplies can be simply put in the classroom and  hallway.

  1. Organizational supplies

All of the daycare teacher supplies need to be organize. It is important so that it will not lost and we can find it easily anytime we will need it. At least, we have to try to find pocket folder and binder to make all of the paper supplies being well organized. Index cards also be useful to make all of the information will be stay organized. All of this daycare teacher supplies can be found easily in the book store or stationery store.

  1. Books

The last kind of daycare teacher supplies is books. Books is essential since it will needed to provide supporting material to teach. We also need to provide bookshelf in the classroom. Books actually not only important for teacher but also for the daycare student also. They can get the additional resource that they need easily by reading books. To give as many as source to expand children knowledge, we can simply buy random book types. Then we can set it into a small library so that children will get easily to access whenever they like. Do not forget to put dictionary in our daycare teacher supplies list because it is important for student as they learn to expand their language ability. Do not worry if we have limitation in budget to gain such daycare supplies. We can even get many bookstore sale event to gain our needed daycare teacher supplies.