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6 Main Aspects of Child Parenting

6 Main Aspects of Child Parenting

6 Main Aspects of Child Parenting

Parenting is important thing to understand by parent since it will affect children development. There is no special school to be parent. Parent need to apply positive parenting to build positive characteristic in the future. The parenting knowledge can be obtained from various sources like seminar, article in magazine or books.

Basically, there are 6 main important aspects in child parenting. Unluckily, these 6 aspects are not known yet by most parents. That is why many parent still applying negative parenting style to take care of children. Here are those 6 aspects of positive parenting style that we need to apply as parent:

Partnership of parenting between mom and dad

Parent, both mom and dad need to learn how to create good cooperation especially to teach the value of life to children. It is better if parent can minimize the differences point of view between parent when teaching about discipline and life norm. When children see that both of their parents have the same point of view then they will automatically follow the direction and guide easily.

Hug, talk, play and think together with children

Most of parent may not aware of the effect from hugging. In fact, hugging can affect to children development. It is already proved by the study from Dr. Harold Volt, a psychiatrist from Kansas, US.  He stated that 4 hug in a day can make children stay survive while 8 hug per day can support children development. 12 hug in a day will create healthy child in physical and emotional aspect.

The same thing is also apply to the couple of parent. Hugging can eliminate depression, sleep well and increase the immune level. Besides that, parent is needed to maintain communication with their children. The type of communication can be held through telling story book and asking their opinion about the book.

Talking with children is important but parent also need to play with the kid physically. Dad need to take children in some sport or physical exercise. Not only physical exercise, parent also needs to teach games through min expose. This type of activity will help children to control their mind. Thinking training will also help children to communicate what is on their mind because the children and parent thinking may not the same.

Parent need to set agreement to apply discipline and set the rules in a consistent ways

The rules are not always created by parent. For example is the learning time. Parent and children can discuss together about how many hour that will be needed by child to repeat their school lesson. Parent can keep showing their love and affection in a discipline way.

Understanding the negative emotion of children in early age

When children sad and cry, you better ask the reason why they cry or sad. Parent need to understand children feeling to fix their negative emotion.

Use positive language to create healthy children both in physical and emotional condition.

Unluckily, most of language that we heard or use is a negative one. In fact, negative language can be hurt children feeling and create psychological impact. Parent need to know that negative statement or language cannot be use to encourage children to do better thing.  That is why, parent need to learn not too much showing their anger or even threat children.

Apply the parenting style without punishment

Punishment is not the only way to make children doing positive changes. Parent need to give freedom to children, not in a full freedom but a responsible freedom. By this way, children can think about the consequences that they get from their action and learn to get the lesson from what they do.

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