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6 Important Aspects on Home Daycare Business Plan

6 Important Aspects on Home Daycare Business Plan

Want to develop home daycare service? If this is what you want to do then you will need to set home daycare business plan. Of course you cannot simply create it but need to consider about several important factors to make such a successful home daycare business. Planning is the most important process since great planning will affect your daycare business. Be sure to pour all of your ideas to create great business that perfectly match with the policy and set the proper business hour.

6 Important Aspects on Home Daycare Business Plan

If you want to be success then you should consider about several important factor on your home daycare business plan as follow:

Day care space

If home daycare is your choice then you will not need a large space of home. You are even possible to use your basement, living room or even kitchen for the child care, meal and nap area. The important thing to figure out is the state requirement for minimum number of square feet of space per child. You can try to get detail information from the agency that responsible to handle the daycare license in your area. If you are using the rental property than you will need to ask for landlord permission to set your daycare business.

Operation hour

Another aspect that should be set in your home daycare business is the operation hour. In order to be stand in the competition then you will need to check the other similar daycare business around the area. Learn about their operation hour and study the market needs. You can even try to open when most daycare closed. Overnight operation hour or open up earlier than other daycare business is also another great start to compete.

Group age

You also need to decide what type of group age that will be taking care of your daycare. Set your service based on toddler, preschooler or above it. If you choose toddler then you will need to provide extra attention since they are always mobile. Preschooler will make you easier in setting your field trip. Need to keep children group in a longer period? Try to choose infant since parent tend to need your service until the child is old enough to go to school. However, if you need to fill up your daycare faster than mixed age is the best option.

6 Important Aspects on Home Daycare Business Plan

Business planning

Make a business plan to put your ideas to successfully achieve your goal. Even after creating your business plan, you will need to make some evaluation to make sure that you can make some adjustment for several things. Set the budget properly to prevent any overspending and expense.

Activity planning

Set proper activity planning including story telling times, singing time and small group activity. To attract their interest then you will need to provide age appropriated toys and puzzles. Some outdoor play equipment or field trip in park will be great.

Group size

Most state set regulation that home daycare business can accept up to 6 children. Group daycare can be accepted up to 12. Smaller group of children will make you possible to give more attention. If you want to take care of larger group then you can hire more assistant.