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6 Best Ways to Handle Spirited Daycare Toddler

6 Best Ways to Handle Spirited Daycare Toddler

Believe it or not, daycare toddler always has tons of energy. Their endless energy seems to be one of the most common and difficult to handle children. They are also becoming the one that gets easier to trap in temper tantrum. Based on this reality, you better find a way to teach them about self control and manage their battling behavior. Need more guidance to deal with it? Here are the best 6 ways to deal with spirited daycare toddler:

 6 Best Ways to Handle Spirited Daycare Toddler

Stay clear and consistent

Children are always full of curiosity. It is one of basic indication why they seem so spirited. It will become your hard job to set children limitation. What you need to do is stay firm and confident enough. Do not ever let him break the limit even just for once otherwise they will tend to break it again another time.

Staying close with them

In fact, toddler is the period where they seems to showing their independence. However, they will still need to make connection. The connection here showed by cuddling, backrub or even spends the time in a rocking chair with them. It can be an effective tactics to minimize the battles and tantrum. This way will let them know that you are there for them. This is how the connection between you and children under your supervision in daycare begin.

Give a brief detail of what is coming next

Believe it or not, daycare toddler tends to be more anxiety when they do not know what coming next. The only way to prevent this is talking about the detail of next situation to them. In fact, words are often not enough since they may difficult to remember it. That is why you need to remind them later. You may also add some visual cues such as providing picture to show their daily ritual. Providing detail about what will happen next will decrease their stress level.

6 Best Ways to Handle Spirited Daycare Toddler

Try to create ‘yes’ environment

Even meal time can becomes great debate time if you are dealing with daycare toddler. However, the messy thing is worthy enough with their increasing level of cooperation and independence. Besides that, make sure that your house arrangement is already proper enough so that they can reach their toys by themselves. Be sure that your daycare is friendly and homey for them.

Eliminate dangerous spot

The most effective ways to soothe down their spirited soul and behavior is by avoiding any dangerous spot. Once more, does not pushing them to accept any immediate changes since it will make them tend to refuse. You better accompany them until they feel comfortable with the new condition or situation. Even you better to leave earlier if you think that situation is getting out of hand.

Soothe the senses

You better acknowledge the way to soothe down their senses. One effective ways is providing warm bath on cold night or put a cool washcloth on their forehead during the summer.

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