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6 Basic Standards to Make Sure Daycare Playground Safety

6 Basic Standards to Make Sure Daycare Playground Safety

6 Basic Standards to Make Sure Daycare Playground Safety

Safety is the main thing to consider when we are running daycare business. As we know that children seems to have tons of energy. They are also having abundant curiosity of new thing. That is why they always try something new to explore and recognize their surround. No matter what age of children that we are taking care, make sure that they are safe is our main responsibilities. Most of us may feel confuse how to make sure that children of our daycare is always safe. In fact, the certified playground safety should come and certify the playground. Their capability as expert will judge whether the playground is safe enough or not. The inspector capability itself does not need to be questioned since they are trained by the National Playground Safety Institute. Based on that, we can rely on their expert judgment and suggestion to provide the best and safest daycare playground.

As a basic guideline, here are several ways to maintain children safety during have fun in the playground area:

Set a daycare playground that match with American with Disabilities Act. The main standard are an exist drinking fountain that is easier to access, proper fence to make sure children will not get out and get threaten by the traffic. The last standard is building proper emergency exits.

Make sure that the area is wide enough. The size of daycare playground should be enough for a third of entire children that we have to play together in one time. Do not forget to set an organize first aid kit and proper lighting.

Always supervise children especially when they are in such location that closes with water. Make a routine checkup to find out any damage nail, sharp edge, missing parts of the playground and etc. All of the trash should be put in a waste basket or quickly throw out from the daycare.

Get the proper daycare playground equipment that match with children age. Slide, swing should be chosen for appropriate age. To avoid any accident when children fall down then we can simply put wood chips or rubber surface that have 6 inches thick. Do not forget the educational aim. We are better to provide daycare playground equipment that can be support children developmental skill such as dramatic play, motor skill, sensory skill, academic skill and involvement with the nature to learn new thing.

Never smoke around children. Not us, not the staff and not the parent. Make a strict rule for it. This type of rules can protect children from any potential health risk. Have fun outside mostly make children forget how many times they spend there. Be sure to set a limit time to make sure children also get enough rest.

Cooperate with pest management to make a routine control of rodent, insect and vegetation to avoid any unwanted exposure to the children.

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