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6 Basic Principles of Montessori Learning Environment

6 Basic Principles of Montessori Learning Environment

6 Basic Principles of Montessori Learning Environment

The purpose of Montessori learning is providing sufficient chance for children to explore and learn independently. You will see a lot activity and movement in this type of environment. In this learning method, you will find that each child is free to choose the kind of activity that they like and work on it. Montessori learning put the goal to create a freedom but discipline and responsible child.

Basically, Montessori learning will consist of 6 basic principles. Those are freedom, structured, beauty, nature, social and intellectual environment. It is essential to create the environment based on that 6 principle so that you can get successful Montessori education. Let us start to get the detail of those 6 as follow:

Freedom concept

Freedom is the first principle of Montessori learning. It is simply because Montessori believes that children must be given freedom to explore and follow their own willing. Allowing them to choose based on their preference can explore their potential and widened their knowledge of their surround. The type of freedom to provide in Montessori environment are free from any interfere, free to explore, free to interact and movement.

Structured environment

Even though children in Montessori learning have freedom but they are also have structured orders. It is simply to make them realize the order and structure of the universe around. Automatically it will make them realize how the world where they life work. Montessori learning recognize that 1 up to 3 years of age is the most sensitive period. You have to find the right method to teach child why they have to follow the order and realize the importance of following it naturally.


Beauty is also including into the basic principle of Montessori learning environment. No matter what type of location that you use for Montessori teaching but you really need to create a simple harmony in it. Neat and well arranged space will be needed to create the peace situation. Automatically, simple but peaceful Montessori learning situation will make children willing to come and do various activity. This kind of atmosphere will absolutely be loved by both child and adult.


Montessori learning method teaches to love nature. It is simply because this type of learning technique uses nature to inspire children. Imagine how boring the learning process if children always study inside the classroom along the day. It will be better if you can take children out into the nature and learn naturally from their surround. Let children see and touch bamboo, glass, metal, wood, cotton, stone, leaves and other is common found in Montessori learning process.

Using nature in Montessori learning is by providing real object to be learned by children. Be sure that you also provide child size furniture so that children can be independently use it and minimize adult interfere. Prepare for hoes, tongs, shovels, rakes and pitcher on child size to make children get ease in use it during the Montessori learning process.


Montessori learning teaches children to have freedom in building interaction with their peer. Socialize with other is an essential base to growth the empathy for other people.  You may also create a group work that makes children possible to cooperate with others. Of course, you must set proper environment of Montessori learning.


The basic goal of Montessori learning is creating great personality children as a whole individual not only boost their intelligence. Each child is unique and the right design of Montessori learning environment will be needed to match with the individual needs of children. In Montessori learning, children will learn various concept form abstract into the concrete one so that they can develop their own unique potential.

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