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5 Perfect Baby Care Games to do with Your Newborn

5 Perfect Baby Care Games to do with Your Newborn

5 Perfect Baby Care Games to do with Your Newborn

Doing baby care games together with our new little beloved ones can be great idea when you do not have any idea to do. Baby will also need to train their muscle rather than spending their time to sleep and eat. I bet most of you may do not know what type of baby care games that can be enjoyable moment both for you and your newborn. Still do not have the perfect idea? Grab the perfect baby care games for you as follow:

Facial expression and communication

Most new parent may spend hours to look at the little one face. You may never imagine that your facial expression can also be fun baby care games for your beloved one. Simple things like smiling, stick out your tongue and closing and open your eyes can offer so much fun for baby. Suddenly, you will get shocked when your baby can imitate your facial expression. Never use baby language.

Best idea of baby care games to communicate is using common language. Talk to your baby every time they giggle or laughing at you. Most of you may think that it is useless since they will not understand your language. However, you can train their communication skills by doing this baby care games. In fact, baby is already response to your statement even only with a giggles.

Let baby join your daily activity

Most of you may think that taking your baby while doing your household is just simply because you cannot leave them alone. By taking them, you can keep doing your job while stays supervise them. In fact, involving your baby into your daily job can be fun activity for them. Just try simple involvement like taking them to sweep the floor, wash your dishes or going to the grocery for shopping. Believe me, those activities can be fun baby care games since baby loves to observe what adult does.

Look at the object

I bet most of you will purchase baby toys is you do not know what to do with babies. In fact, you can even create great baby care games by spending some times to show up various objects in front of your beloved baby. The object can be picture, rattle, doll or others. The best object for this baby care games is the one that have various contrast color. Another item is flash card. Move the object form one side to the other side to exercise your baby sensory skill.

You may also use rattle or sound toys to be useful baby care games. Shake the rattle or even move the toys for one side to the other side. Laugh together when the toys sounded. This type of baby care games is even perfect for baby head control development. What you need to do is simply place baby on their stomach and then raises the toys to the air. It will automatically develop baby skill by encourage them to lift her head up.

Touch and Feel games

When your lovely little one is able to control their limb then you can start to play touch baby care games. Provide various items that have different texture. You can start with silk blanket, wooden spoon, plastic toy or fuzzy felt. Hold each of the objects and let baby touch it. Do not forget to explain each of the objects properly. This type of baby care games can be great tools to train your baby skills.

Train baby sense of smell

You can do the smell baby care games to explore children ability to scent various type of smell. Simply start with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and flower. Avoid the strong scent of spices like garlic, ginger and others. Other type of object that you can also use during this baby care games is candle or baby lotion. It must be one of baby favorite since it is offer new experience for baby.

Baby does not always need baby toys to have fun and develop their skills. Even simple activity can be great baby care games for both of you and your babies

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