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5 Most Important First Aid for Child Care Supply

5 Most Important First Aid for Child Care Supply

5 Most Important First Aid for Child Care Supply

Child care supply means a lot of things to be prepared. One of supply is the first aid equipment. We need to provide the first aid kit because children are very active and possible to get injured easily. Just imagine that children are climbing, moving around, running and do many other things. That is why we need to provide the first aid and proper tools. Be sure that all of the first aid supplies are well organized in one place or box. Put it in order to make us easier to reach when we have to take care of injured children. Beside that, do some regular check up so that we can make sure that we will not lack of medical stock in our child care supply. If we have a larger daycare then we must have more than one box of first aid supply. Put the medical child care supplies in a reachable place so that we will easily find it when we need it.

There are many kinds of child care supply that we should provide. In the medical field, there are 5 main products that we should have as follow:

1.    Bandages and Gloves for Injury
Bandages are commonly used when children get hurt. In fact, there are many types of bandages that we should store in our first aid supply box. The type of bandages that are mostly used in a child care is self adhesive.  For a child, it is better if we have various sizes of bandages so that we can prepare for any size of injury. As an additional option in child care supply, we can also provide gauze roll bandage for a bigger kind of injury. Gloves here mean the disposable one. This kind of glove is needed to help us when we have to deal with child injury that is involving blood. It is better if we have several sizes of the glove so that everyone can use this child care supply optimally.

2.    Instant Cold Pack
This kind of child care supply item is very useful if we have to deal with the child’s injuries when we are outside of the room. It can be easily opened so that we can replace the ice usage when dealing with injury. As we know that children will love to go outside of the room to learn. As a matter of fact, children also actively move around and it makes them easily get hurt. That is why this kind of child care supply equipment will be a very good choice for us who work or have a child care centre.

3.    Antibiotic Ointment and Antiseptic Wipes
Antibiotic ointment is usually applied for several injuries like burning, cut or scrape. When this kind of ointment is applied, we can reduce the pain and also avoid any kind of infection that commonly happens to injure without any proper care. Another important child care supply that could be used before the bandage application is antiseptic wipes.  This type of wipes are commonly applied to clean the children’s wound. It is important to wipe the wound before applying bandages. For the wipes, we can choose the individually package on our child care supply list because it does not easily get dry and could keep hygiene.

4.    Mask for CPR
This kind of child care supply equipment is categorized as optional since many of us who do the CPR commonly do it without any mask. This mask will help us as protection while doing the rescue breathing procedure. Even though this mask is rarely used but actually it is the answer for the infection prevention demand. Imagine that we may transfer infectious disease when doing the CPR. This mask will help us to eliminate this possibility. That is why it is also included in the list of most important child care supply.

5.      First Aid Tools
The kind of tools that will be useful to be included in the child care supply stock are flashlight and tweezers. The flashlight will provide us a better light to take care of child injury while the tweezers will remove any debris and  sliver in children’s skin.

Child care supply is an important part of daycare centre service. Daycare as the place where it should provide fun, enjoy and safe for children should have the first aid to prevent any fatal injuries. Daycare does not only needgood staffs with great certificate, skill and affection. This place also needs a complete supply to run the business well. It is important since the daycare is a place which should function as the provider of fun place for playing and learning for kids while parents leaving their children there. Without sufficient supplies then it can not function well. This is the point that we should understand why such first aid kits are needed to be prepared and put on the child care supply list.