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5 Important Things to Provide in Daycare Toddler Room

5 Important Things to Provide in Daycare Toddler Room

Daycare toddler room should be comfortable so that children can feel safe while also working on their motor skill development. The entire of furniture and equipment of this room should be properly choose for toddler size. Proper size is important to make sure that toddler cannot be injured. Here are several types of things to provide in daycare toddler room:

Furniture5 Important Things to Provide in Daycare Toddler Room

The type of furniture that is perfect to be inside daycare toddler room are proper size of chair and table. Those basic furniture is needed to make toddler get easier to drawing, painting, playing toys, crafting, playing puzzles and doing some craft. Those activity is important to develop toddler fine motor skill. For feeding time, you will need high chair, booster chair and sassy seat inside daycare toddler room.

Adult size chair is also need to be provided inside daycare toddler room. You can simply choose rocking chair. This type of chair will be needed to make anxiety toddler becomes comfortable. Some open shelves is also needed for daycare toddler room. This kind of shelves is important to store toddler books and toys in daycare toddler room. With the presence of this shelves will make them easier to store without adult help.

Toddler toys

The perfect toys to provide in daycare toddler room is the one that can develop children fine and gross motor skill. The type of toys is the one that can bring not only fun but also educational. Toys for toddler should also contain no sharp and rough edges. Besides that, toys in daycare toddler room also need to be free from any toxic or dangerous material.

Small toys need your supervision since toddler often put at risk to choking or swallowing the small object. You also need to avoid any toys that equipped with small pieces or detail. Toys for art project like paper, paint, brush and other is also great option. The type of toys that matched to fulfill daycare toddler room are stuffed animal, blocks, book and musical toys like basic percussion.

Sink and toilet

For daycare toddler room, you will need to find sink that easily to reach. Sink is essential so that toddler can wash their hand after go to the bathroom, play with dirt, use the paint and also before eat their food. You can put some additional stair in daycare toddler room to make them easier to reach the sink by themselves. Toddler age toilet is also needed to get successful potty training process.

Free area for playing

Toddler age is the period where they should expand or develop their gross motor skill. That is why you need to create free play area. This play area will make children possible to do running, jumping and any other physical activity. You may also provide indoor playground inside daycare toddler room. Mini ride bikes, swinging, stair, jump and other toys is great option. Just be sure that you set soft flooring in daycare toddler room to make them stay safe.

Mats and Cots

Mats are needed in daycare toddler room since it can be perfect place for toddler to do various activity without getting injured. They are also can take a nap on the mats. Soft mat and rug is perfect for toddler to roll and play. Cots are also important for toddler to take their nap. The usage of cots for daycare toddler room will be helpful to make them easier to differentiate between playing, learning and sleeping time.

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