5 Halloween Games Idea for Your Daycare Children

5 Halloween Games Idea for Your Daycare ChildrenDaycare still can provide fun in any chance. Even Halloween events can be fun and enjoy moment through the right games. It is still can be associated with the mystery theme but more fun and enjoyable experience. Still do not have any idea for your Halloween moment in daycare? Here are several games to try to stay enjoy the daycare activity during Halloween time with children:

The first game that you can do at daycare during the Halloween time is a fishing game. You just need to set short curtain or barrier for you to hide. Prepare some small toys or object that matched with Halloween themes as a present for the daycare children. Make a fishing rod from bamboo pole equipped with string and clothes-pin. Let the children cast their lines and you can attach the present for them. Let daycare children reel it and feel a different sense of Halloween in your daycare.

Next type of daycare Halloween games is the treasure hunt. Buy a doll house that decorated with Halloween theme, fulfilled it with a lot of treat and then hide it in certain park in your daycare or backyard. Do not forget to decorate the place where you hide it with jack o lantern, spider, fairy and others. Eyeball Hunt can be the next fun Halloween games for your daycare children. Provide a bag of plastic eyeball and hide it in your daycare backyard or garden. Children who find more eyeball is the winner.

Magic Quantity Guessing Game can be your next option for daycare Halloween game. Just create proper decoration and fulfill the jar with some plastic eyeball, candy corn, plastic spider or other Halloween themed items. Ask children to guess how much the amount of item inside the jar. The closest guessing will win the jar including all the items. There are a lot more creative games that you can create to stay having fun in Halloween like treat or dare or others. Have fun with your daycare children!