5 Great Games to Increase Daycare Children Math Skills

Daycare children, as other child may afraid of math. If this worries and insecure feeling keep continues then they may get difficulties in their future. One easy way to overcome this problem is to create fun environment while studying math. Still figured out what to do? Get the following suggested math games to start a fun and enjoyable moment of math studying hours:

5 Great Games to Increase Daycare Children Math Skills

Dots game for daycare children

Even playing with dots can increase children interest on math. Just simply take a piece of blank paper and fulfilled it with dots. Try to connect two dots by drawing horizontal or vertical line. You can do it in turn with the child. If one of you success to draw a square then the successful player can write their name initial. When the whole dots is connected,you can start to count how many square of each player has to decide the winner.

Money games time

Create small grocery store to make children possible to shop things from you. Provide them with quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies. The winner is found when they can reach $1.00 on their balance amount.

5 Great Games to Increase Daycare Children Math Skills

Guessing the number games

At firs, let the children under your supervision to write down a number between 1 and 30 secretly. When they finish, you can start to guess the number. To make it easy, you can try to ask several number to get clear idea about the number. The question can be “is it odd or even number” or “ is it more or less than 10”. When you are successfully guessing the number then give the turn to children to guess your number.

Tall Guessing Games

This game will need several sort of objects, ruler, book and pen. Teach children to measure each subjects and write it down in the book. After they get finished to measured then you can ask them to compare about the height of all object.

Tower Blocks Building

Block building is surely become one of children popular games. They may become enjoyable and not showing any boredom face when playing this. Besides that, it is also great to boost children creativity to build something that appear on their imagination. In fact, it is also great tools to teach about math. Let them build their tower block in 60 second and count the whole blocks that they use to build a tower.

Choose the games and do it in turn to avoid boredom on daycare children.