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5 Great Fish for Daycare Children

5 Great Fish for Daycare Children

It is undeniable fact that daycare children need a lot of healthy food to consume to support their development. That is why you need to serve a healthy and nutritious food for them in daily basis. Be sure to provide balance fruit, fish and vegetable for them to support their body development. One of important food to consume is fish. However, some parent may feel doubt to provide fish since it may contain mercury. Here are 5 great fish that safe enough to consume:

5 Great Fish for Daycare Children


Salmon is putted on the list of best fish to consume by daycare children since it contain a lot vitamins. It is healthy enough since it is contain low polychlorinated biphenyls. You can choose among coho, pink, sockeye, chum and king salmon type. For the menu, you can try to make lemon grilled dill salmon.

Rainbow trout

Freshwater rainbow trout is one of great choice for children consumption since it is contain high B vitamin level. Moreover, the texture is also full of flavor and soft enough. If possible, choose the farmed trout since it is safer to consume. You can try to serve it in a pan-fried or roasted.


Daycare children may familiar with tuna sandwiches. Tuna is chosen since it contains high omega 3 level, vitamin A and also magnesium. Be sure that you choose the trolling caught or pole-and-line-gear and not a longlines. Longlines method is better being avoided since it contains high level of mercury. You can try to consume it as Bluefin tuna sushi or grilled tuna with tomato peach salsa. If you choose the canned one then you better looking for marine stewardship council seal.


Tilapia is perfect for marinades and sauces. Moreover, it is also rich of calcium and antioxidant. Tilapia is also considered as safe fish to consume because of it lower contaminant concentration. Get tilapia sandwiches for children.

5 Great Fish for Daycare Children


Sardines are not only tasty but also healthy. Moreover it is also free from mercury and PCB. It is well known as great fish for brain building with its omega 3 levels.

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