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5 Great Areas to Provide in Preschool Classroom

5 Great Areas to Provide in Preschool Classroom

5 Great Areas to Provide in Preschool Classroom

Preschool classroom should be great place for children to learn and have fun at the same time. It will be better if you can create classroom that consist of several important areas which can accommodate the whole children needs. Perfect preschool classroom should provide proper stimulation for children to do various kinds of activities to support their development.

Still cannot figure what kind of area should be provided in preschool classroom? Find out the answer in here:

The reading area

What you need to create this type of are in your preschool classroom is by providing colorful bookshelves that contain various book for children. Be sure that the whole books that you provide are appropriate for children reading level. It will be great if your preschool classroom reading area contain various theme to widened children knowledge.

To create comfort environment in your reading area, you can simply put some bean bag chair in your preschool classroom. Do not forget to also put some adult chairs for teacher to supervise. If you want to create more enjoyable situation, the application of carpet or rug with some pillow will also can be comfortable place for children to sit and read the books. Just be sure to allocate the right portion of preschool classroom in a well arrangement.

If you are dealing with children in early age then you still can create this area in your preschool classroom.  Try to buy books with tape or make a record of the stories on tape. Children can take a look at the books and watch the picture while listening to the earphones and tape player about the stories. Another great addition to this are on your preschool classroom is creating puppet stage.  The stage will be perfect tools to make your preschool classroom becomes more interesting.

Art and craft area

First thing you need to do is arranging the cubbies and container for art and craft storage in your preschool classroom. It is important since there are a lot of art and craft supplies that will need to arrange like paint, brushes, glue, felt, markers, poster board, crayon and etc. Be sure that you already prepare certain space for the bulletin boards where children can put their art result. Long tables and colorful tile floor is also perfect for your preschool classroom art area.

5 Great Areas to Provide in Preschool ClassroomKid’s Kitchen

The best preschool classroom decoration for this area is the poster of vegetables and fruit to teach children about healthy eating. Also prepare several important items like toy stove, refrigerator and microwave to pretending making some cookies or food. If you have wide enough preschool classrooms then you can put counter with child height and some real appliances.  Teach them and let them explore with some easy to make recipe.

Free play area

Perfect decoration for this area in your preschool classroom is mural or painting of flowers, animal, sea, sky or other proper drawing. Place some toy boxes, stock bin, building block and some toy cars, and other creative construction toys in your preschool classroom. For outside free play area, you can make sand tables, water tables, or riding toys like mini car, bicycle and motorcycle. Do not forget to put a shade over the free play area to give sufficient protection.

Dress up area

This is another important area in your preschool classroom. Just simply put full length mirror to make children possible to see their creation. Attach hook on the wall to hold the clothes for children dress up time. It will better if you can provide various type of costume for preschool children to widen up their creativities. Purchase lab coat, fireman uniform, doctor coat, police uniform, pilot and others. Arrange the helmet, scarf, hat, shoes, jewelry and other items in the baskets.

Provide various items so that your preschool classroom can be more attractive and enjoyable for them!